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    Kerberos Active Member

    I've looked through the problems faq which I can remember from years ago but I've seen nothing that address a plant issue that stems from the venial paths outward.

    I'm wondering if my nutes have gone bad. I've used the same General Hydro formula built from Lucas formula ages ago (only bloom + micro) and it hasn't failed until now.

    I've tried going to half strength and while it seems to have slowed, it's still growing. It also wasn't showing during vege, but came about fairly quickly once bloom began.

    Check the pic and let me know if you need further details.


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    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    looks like youve been killing them with kindness. too much food ,and the plants trying to expell nute builup. try to flush your plants and dont stop feeding,start at 1/4.week 1 then 1/2 ect...this happened to mine they should come back.i also repotted mine and put pebbles in bottom for better drainage and having a fan near your plants helps get rid of plants toxins.hope this helps
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    Kerberos Active Member

    Interesting. It's just weird that I've run this DWC setup for 3-4 years and never had an issue.

    I could run them on just water it's just all so odd. I have to think that something went bad in my chems to disbalance them so much from what I was normal to.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Is the ph in the reservoir getting higher, or lower?
    Are you using very hard water?
    Are you ec/ppms getting lower, or higher?
    I think your killing them with kindness aswell.

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