Freezing, crushing up hash oil to add my small harvest

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by grassy007, Feb 8, 2018.


    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    I've made Simpson oil before. My current grow wasn't has strong as I wanted, so I plan to make up a batch of oil with 3/4 of a mason jar full of buds, then freeze it, then grind it up before it starts to thaw, and mix it in with the remaining 1/4 ground up buds. I figure this is a lot easier than taking a thin wooden stick and trying to mix the gooey oil onto the bud material.

    My last oil, I froze a little bit of the oil, but it shattered pretty badly, sending pieces flying. I was thinking of just putting the rice cooker pan with the oil at the bottom and sticking it in the freezer, then crushing it up in that, and hoping pieces stay within the rice crock pot. I don't have any white parchment paper at the moment (I suppose I could go buy a roll). Any other methods to get the oil shattered up so I can sprinkle it on my less than stellar ground up buds? I figure that after the shattered oil dust warms up on the bud material, it will end up more evenly distributed.

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