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    I have been putting off completing my Illinois mmj application. So much bullshit, unnecessary personal information they want faxed in and the fingerprinting. I had gotten the fingerprinting done months ago and just read it's supposed to be done within 10 days of submitting the application. Seems like they designed these rules so they wouldn't get ANY applicants. They almost succeeded. The other issue is the price they're charging. I collect disability because of stage 4 colon cancer and there is no way I could afford even 1 ounce a month at $480.00 let alone the 2 I need to properly medicate.And we can't grow our own! That is illegal.So where does that leave me and all the others in the same boat as me and I bet there's a lot more of them than the 3,300 that applied. Anyway I've decided to hold off on the application. I might just watch it for 6 months or a year.Perhaps a few Illinois lawmakers will get their heads out of their asses and ease up on the rules and fees.Perhaps the price will come down, but I'm not going to get my hopes up,this Is Illinois after all. Maybe people should start growing victory gardens again. Cannabis victory gardens.You will feel proud that you are self sufficient, you can strive for and achieve quality, you won't suffer that nagging feeling of running out, and you don't have to go through the hassle of getting a connect or finding a new connect. When you realize how much it would have cost you to buy what you grew you will wish you had done it sooner. I just want to leave saying. I'm not going to be a good little, law abiding Illinois mmj patient and abide by their whole new set of ridiculous, draconian rules. I saw on the news a dispensary owner saying they were afraid if they lowered patients would sell it on the streets for more. How about some people might be driven to engage in illegal activity just to get the cash needed to buy their Illinois medical marijuana. Oh,maybe that's why they fingerprint us.As a deterrent. Pretty scary Illinois is.Layer upon Layer of dark,corrupt goings on
    I feel for the cannabis entrepreneurs that might not do as well as they first expected although at the time everyone thought things were moving a lot faster and legalization was just around the corner, and that there was millions or billions to be made.

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    visited a Illinois dispensary today. great smoke top notch. same strains seen in Denver. the prices are crazy. local grown weed goes for $100-$200 cheaper by the oz but you wont find this quality on the street consistently. at least i cant. most of the import from Cali and Denver is bottom shelf they don't want. your dealer wont be opened Monday through Sunday 360 days a week with 20 different strains consistently. now the one i visited did not have pre rolls, trim, sodas, shatter, edibles, oils, lotions or anything else other then flowers....yet!! so we are told. we visited on Friday late afternoon and was told we were only the 3rd customer of the day.

    the staff seemed friendly but stressed and somewhat confused. to elaborate they did not seem prepared to answer question about the laws involving paraphernalia or any other laws. the approach was somewhat patronizing. maybe they didn't realize the some of the clients they would encounter have been involved with medicating with marijuana long before they came along or Illinois woke up to the issue.

    i explained that i had a few friends that would qualify for the program but could not make the 3 trips to Chicago for the doctors recommendation. i explained one was a veteran who would not need the doctors recommendation but needed help with the paper work. i thought they would ask for contact information and want to add more clients ASAP, but they seemed disinterested.

    i do not ever see a atmosphere in Illinois that will be conducive to all of those who need the medical benefits of marijuana. the way it is set up now is to make a few campaign donors richer so they can donate more. its not about the patient.

    there is only one reason why it is working out this way. ITS BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ENOUGH. people need to voice there opinions on this matter. signing up for the newsletter from NORML or ASA is not enough. we need gatherings, smoke outs. we need to gain the attention of the advocates in other states who have already been through this. We need a Political action committee for patients. we need a voice for those who are already red card holders and those who want to be. We need lobbyist and advocates who are not afraid to take on the bullshit Illinois has to combat us. when i say we, i mean the people of Illinois.

    How do we pay for it. the tax on medical weed is 1%. I will pay 5% tax with 4% going to a PAC fund to support advocates, lobbyist, marketing and to support events that will promote the issues we want expressed. the dispensaries and grow facilities should contribute to this fund also. I myself believe that this market needs to be taken out of the hands of corporate America. Big business does not have the common mans best interest at heart but instead profits.

    If you can not afford to buy your MMJ at the dispensaries you should be able to grow your own. can you afford $20-30 a gram?

    if you cant grow your own a care giver should be able for you.
    its not complicated, or a sophisticated grow operations. its a plants. have you grown a tomato plant before? hell grandma did.

    if you want to grow and donate your product or portions of your product you should be able too. its my product.

    if you want to grow marijuana to get rich, by all means grow your butt off.
    BUT the average Joe should have the same playing field as the governors political contacts.

    i would like to hear from every card holder in Illinois and the ideas they might have about the program so far. i would like to know what you think the future holds for us and what you think needs to be changed or added. at the very least i would like to see if anybody in Illinois really gives a shit

    for example what dummy in the whole world of weeddom has ever bought a bag of weed (medicine) without smelling it first? the answer is every red card holder in Illinois. lol.

    what if we could gather here and work out ahead of time some complaints that we can bring up every time we visit a dispensary. 3300 people walking into our assigned dispensary with the same complaint.



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    I'm really curious with the very strict regulations and requirements to obtain illinois mmj card if there there will be enough demand to move all the product these massive warehouses are kicking out. In my opinion illinois did it very wrong with creating a monopoly on growers. They need a care giver program like many of the other states
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    Lara vanhousen

    Lara vanhousen Well-Known Member

    any word if theyre planning on allowing personal gardens?

    hockeybry2 Well-Known Member

    If illinois can't tax the shit out of you.... Prolly won't happen lol
    John Dieselman

    John Dieselman Well-Known Member

    From what I understand the Medical Marijuana Program in Illinois is what they call a pilot program. Yeah we have medical marijuana in Illinois but it's pretty much under a trial basis... Personally I don't think they have their heart into this decision. It's almost like they set up this program with all these bulshit loopholes and regulations designed to make it fail. But then they can go back and say hey we tried and it didn't work.
    John Dieselman

    John Dieselman Well-Known Member

    Typical bureaucratic b*******. On a lighter note, anyone within 50 miles of St Louis that has bonafide medical cannabis seeds, for clones please contact. My wife is going through a very difficult battle with prescription narcotics I'm trying to convince her that there are strains available that will help her through the detox so she can get off of the medications that are causing problems with your kidneys liver etc. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I have several clones and seeds all of which contain OG Kush and some form or another, I'm looking for a sativa 4 day time for energy anxiety mood elevator, I'm also looking for a heavy indica for those restless nights, and any type of one to one ratio cbd Strain

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    The state is broke, they will move at a glacial pace and ensure anyone that gets a dispensary license buys off Madigan or Rauner or another scumbag. Its like getting a concession or liquor license @ O'Hare or Grant Park.. The state will make sure they don't get shorted out a single gram... The good news is the greedy state is broke, they will tax the hell out of anything so the black market will stay strong n healthy for a very long time. bongsmilie
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    If you lookin for 1:1 cbd strains check out the James bean seed company, they are U.S. breeder and carry Alphakronik seeds, Alphakronik is big on the 1:1 cbd and have a nice lineup..real good breeder.
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    cbd is legal nationwide. FYI. Meaning it .can be shipped legally also...

    mrpink55 Well-Known Member

    lol its on Amazon & Etsy, most is asian & foriegn hemp, a few Colorado providers.

    mrpink55 Well-Known Member

    You in IL?

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