Free vegetable seeds with free shipping until March 15th

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    Hello fellow urban gardeners!

    I came across an add for free vegetable seeds on Facebook, I was sceptical at first but I went on their website and got one tomato seed packet for nothing! Didn't even have to fill out any card info. :smile:
    I think you have to live in the UK or Ireland tho..

    I wanted to share that with the community. Here's the message I got:

    Get a free seed packet shipped to you for free!

    Choose 1 seed packet among our 80 different vegetable and herb seeds, enter your coupon code (MAGICSEEDZ24) in the coupon code widow at the top of the checkout page. Then, select "free shipping" at the bottom of the page.

    Offer available everywhere in the UK and Ireland.

    Go to
    Free Seed packet - Magic Clover.jpg
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