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    Has anyone used the 4x4 rockwool cube rooting method? I know how to DO it, but don't know what nutes I should use with NFTG NUTE LINE ONLY... PLEASE do not start another convo involving hydro, other nute plans, etc. STAY ON TOPIC PLEASE.

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    I just keep cutting the roots off flush

    And lollipoping hard

    I'm using very low bloom nutes..

    My water is 150ppm,

    I feed a total of 500ppm, add water all week
    Change every week.

    Try to keep em short n bushy. I tell my blueberry get too tall now I going to just re make clones and start new moms. They eat n drink too much
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    I have been growing seeds out and letting them air prune.

    But look at @projectinfo hes got some beast mode rockwool blocks lol

    I have just switched my nutrients so still getting them dialed in
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    I don't have a ppm meter, but those look awesome! That's my goal, super healthy root mass.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Dont really need a ppm meter but they are helpful
    For sure..

    But if your good at whatching your plants they will tell you what they want.

    Ppm meters are great though
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    weak whiny?

    are not roots supposed to be white...?

    new fooker dah
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