Found list of proposed dispensaries by County/City kind of neat

Discussion in 'Nevada Patients' started by lostkeys, Nov 12, 2014.


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    lostkeys Member

    I am just hoping they get some open up north soon.

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    Okay, I clicked on it and read it. I don't understand what I read though. I don't understand what the 'score' number is for? And does that mean that, that all the 'Y' is a store to be opened? or is already open in that county?

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    LOL I don't understand all off it either I think the provisional license is a temp license they are getting issued to open the store until the state gets through the backlog of paperwork they have on all this new MMJ stuff.

    Here is another document that explains it sort of.

    Just thought it was sort of interesting.

    Guess they are backlogged though 3 months and still no card for me when I call they keep saying next week hope they get to me soon.
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