Forgot to flush is it safe?

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    Destroyarch New Member

    So iv been watering my plants with miracle grow singles and mixxing it in with a 2 gallon watering jug since flowering i used the mix almost every water on 5 plants and only used about half 1 gallon per watering then i stopped for about 8-10 days and just used regular water, I then gave it 2 days of fertilizer then chopped it down for harvest not thinking about it at all....

    Is it safe to smoke if not flushed?


    charface Well-Known Member

    Its fine, imho
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    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    It's safe to smoke. You'll have to tell us if it affected the taste, though.

    stnr420 Well-Known Member

    Sithlord88 Well-Known Member

    What a thing to forget...
    Safe, sure. Tasty, probably not.
    Most likely harsh af, but itll do the job

    TheDifferenceX Well-Known Member

    Friendly smokers advice, Don't smoke it in a bong.

    PigKiller Active Member

    It will be safe, but taste like fertilizer.
    IMHO, I wouldn't use any Miricale Gro product on my plants.
    The only thing I use with a MG label on it is a measuring spoon. And I had to scrap the logo off because my plants would try to run away when they saw it.

    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    Its fine, just slow dry and cure it properly. Flushing is the biggest myth out there.:peace:
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Safe? Yes. Curing is the key to a smooth smoke not the magical flush.
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    LinguaPeel Well-Known Member

    What do 'smooth' and flavorful have to do with each other? Pine, cedar, sugar, spice, herbal, floral etc. Wtf does harsh even mean?

    These people whose extent of weed flavor descriptors = 'harsh' and 'smooth' are talking out of there asses. The presence of nutes virtually replaces the presence of weed flavors. Youre not curing anything if you've got nutes in the plant, youre just waiting for the taste of lab chemicals to fade and calling it curing.

    If you cant come back to a jar after 4 months and say WOAH THIS SHIT TASTE LIKE CEDAR TREE CANDY!! If all you gotta say is "its smoother than harsh" then you're smoking tainted unflushed bullshit,and pretending to understand why these strains are bred in the first place (100% for their flavors, not for smoothness, absence of flavor, absence of lung expansion or whatever the hydro growers think the breeders were pursuing.)

    What all these posts really mean is "I've been smoking poison for so long I'm not goin to let anyone tell me now ". Cannabis is a hyper accumulator. Grow in some cadmium and tell us flushing is a myth. You might get skunky weed for the first time since cadmium pushes thiol production in plants! It's koo tho, Cadmium Coroner Kush #1 has a nice ring to it

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    We need the ability to down vote posts...
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Flushing is what caused dinosaur extinction ya know. A big ass thunderstorm lasted a week and washed all the nutrition from the plants. It was a horrible thing to witness.
    Better start paying attention to that 7 day forecast huh? Don't bother stocking up on canned veggies stupids, they're packed in water what's that gonna do??

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