For those relying on Public VPN's for security....

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    greg nr

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    From a news story on the new KRACK Wifi vulnerability came this gem...

    On paper, using a VPN server sounds smart. But we’ve been there already — be careful with VPN services out there. You can’t trust any of them.

    When you use a VPN service, you reroute all your internet traffic to a VPN server in a data center somewhere. An attacker can’t see what you’re doing on your WiFi network, but a VPN company can log all your internet traffic and use it against you.

    For instance, The Register discovered last week in a legal document that PureVPN shared key information with authorities to track and arrest a man. And yet, the company’s website claims that PureVPN doesn’t keep any log. Again, don’t trust any VPN company. Unless you’re willing to build your own VPN server, a VPN service is not the solution.

    So be warned sports fans, you can't rely on fancy tech tricks to stay out of jail. I use a public vpn, but not for that reason. I just don't like my ISP keeping tabs on me. The guvvies can find anyone if they want to. VPN's aren't going to keep the guvvies from finding you.
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    There are some VPN providers out there that don't keep logs and are located in countries where they are not required to keep logs. VPN providers located in the US are required by law to keep logs of all traffic if I am not mistaken, so all of them are out of the question. Of course, there is no "magic bullet" to internet security but this can certainly help. Pure VPN is Hong Kong based, and why anyone would trust their security in the hands of a Chinese internet company is beyond me. The country is notorious for having strict systems in place that limit online privacy.

    That being said. The "guvvies" don't care about your streaming activities... and you're certainly not going to jail. That's just pretty foolish. A copyright is a type of intellectual property, and intellectual property law is an area of law distinct from that which covers robbery or theft. The government does not in any way, shape or form actively try to stop IP infringement, nor does it actively punish IP infringement. Simply having a patent or copyright offers no protection. Copyright infringement claims must be made by the owner of the intellectual property, so in order to be the subject of litigation, you would have to get yourself on the owners' radar and they would have to decide that you are important enough to press charges. To date, there have only been 2 cases of infringement filed against people who have downloaded or streamed content actually making it to trial (In the US), and in both cases, the result was a fine for commercial damages, not prison time. Jail/Prison is generally where criminals go, not people who infringe on an intellectual property unless real theft or fraud was involved, as these are both crimes. Simple Intellectual property infringement is not a criminal offense.

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    VPN Privacy Rule #1.

    Only use servers that do not store history.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Uhhm, you may want to check the laws a little closer. CBE actively makes busts dealing with IP infringement, both physical and virtual. In fact, you probably had no idea they have one of the best forensics labs in the country. They are the kindly folks who image laptops as they come back into the country.

    Yes, they care. Yes, they have tactics and methods. It's just a question of where their priorities lie. But if you are using a VPN to try to stay out of jail, you are probably very close to it. ;)

    I don't use VPN's for that. I use it more for personal security. The guvvies can find me if they want to.

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    Observe & Report

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    Kim Dotcom called, he says you are full of shit.
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    cannetix Inc

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    Yes, very full of it. I guess the USPTO themselves is also "full of shit"? Below is an excerpt directly from the USPTO government website.

    "Note in this regard that the USPTO only registers marks. You, as the mark owner, are solely responsible for enforcement."

    The above applies to any form of Intellectual Property including copyrights and patents.

    If you think to apply for, and being granted a patent, copyright, or any other form of IP means government agencies put in time and resources to pursue and capture your infringers you are delusional, and clearly have no idea how under-funded the Intellectual Property System in North America (and the rest of the world) is. They barely have the resources to process applications in a timely manner, let alone go after everyone who may or may not be guilty of infringement. That is the right-holders responsibility.

    "Kim Dotcom" was the FOUNDER of Megaupload, a "big fish" so to speak, who has been accused of a lot more than just copyright infringement... Hardly related. We're talking about downloading some music, tv shows and movies here. Learn the difference, kiddo!
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    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    I don't know why you're posting something about registering trademarks when you say you're talking about copyright, but here is an example of the government enforcing trademarks: They also enforce patents at the border

    Going after people like Dotcom and warez group members is exactly how the federal government tries to stop the downloading of music, tv shows, and movies by individuals.

    You're just going to have to face the fact that your claim that "The government does not in any way, shape or form actively try to stop IP infringement, nor does it actively punish IP infringement." is false. I have posted examples falsifying it.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Important that you get a country that has cool rules on being busted

    by the usa cops and those that cower to them

    Russia too is now bigtime against vpn's you to follow next

    Germany is one such place

    but rules can change

    stay sharp

    Socioman Member

    Hey, so how do you think. is it useful to use VPN at all or not? And wich one to choose? Novavpn is my friend's choice. He says it provides really high-speed connection and what's more important - it's well-secured. Up to 6 devices can be linked and plugged in online simultaneously. Well, not bad for a VPN, I should say. Any suggstions?
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    It's still a good idea, especially if you use public wifi. Just don't expect it to protect you against a government actor.
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