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    Newsun123 Member

    My 1 week old seedling is not looking very alright to my untrained eye, the tips of the leaf looks yellow and I am panicing... I am growing in soil and ofcourse not feeding it at this stage.

    The equipment I am using for veg is 300 clf and the temperature is about 27 degrees celsius and 45 % rh. The distance to my lamp is about 6-10 cm away... any advice is much apriciated.

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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    it's looking fine minus that little burn on the tips. hopefully it will recover and do fine. maybe back that light off a tad bit.
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    JediKnights Well-Known Member

    Are you feeding your plants i noticed the dirt is extremely wet? Reason i ask there is no need to feed your plants at this stage of growth if your are using soil with nutrients already in it. So make sure not to over water your newborns you will just flush out all the nutes that came in the soil and if your feeding them you will most likely have issues of excess nutes. At this stage depending on lights,heat,humidity you should only have to feed once a week
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    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    Yeah I wouldn't be too worried judging by these pics, especially if you're not feeding any nutes yet. Like @blake9999 said just adjust your light a little bit and I'd say just wait and watch it. Nothing to go into panic mode about :bigjoint:
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    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    In the future you should mix a little perlite with the dirt. The roots need oxygen, especially if you're going to keep the dirt that soggy.

    When I start seeds I get the medium damp, not soggy, and keep it that way with a small cup of water and an eye dropper. Never soggy! Soggy invites anaerobic fungus and bacteria that could kill a seedling overnight. What kind of soil is that?
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    Newsun123 Member

    I might have messed up big time by picking Hasselfors Garden flower soil with leca (hydrograins) inside. the soil gets dry so quick i keep misting it 2-3 times a day , that's why it's soggy.. Not sure what to do. I picked it up tonight and placed it in a different soil in a bigger pot.... I am freaking out about this. I think I should have went a bit further (location wise) and bought Gold soil mix with perlites.. the problem i see is the medium gets to dry, i keep watering it a bit, and the nutritients get flushed and the plant starves, correct me if i am wrong and please advise what to do. I have 5 other small ones in small soil, thinking about throwing them all out and restarting.

    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    If the soil is drying out fast, water a bit more regularly - don't start misting. I think that's counter to them developing a strong root system, by bypassing it for water intake. I only mist when spraying mites.
    6-10 cm your light might be a tad too close, not sure.
    The burnt tips to me look like hot soil, too rich in inherent nutrients.

    The soil drying out just before you water it is a good thing :) It brings in oxygen.
    Don't water until it weighs significantly less.
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    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    Water 'fully' each time, which if it's properly soaking into all the soil is 'once a little bit of water has come out the bottom'.
    (With just a little coming out the bottom, you don't have to worry about flushing all the nutes out.)

    This 'once water comes out the bottom' standard will fail you if you have gaps around the soil where the water can run down and come out the bottom quickly.
    It can also fail you if you left your soil to get too dry and 'hydrophobic', and then the trick is to water reeeeeally slowly, otherwise the water can take narrow paths through the soil and come out the bottom while there are still dry patches. (You can also submerge the pot for a minute.)

    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    I think we just found your problem.. Like @GreenLogician said, stop misting. Those young leafs are sensitive. When they get beads of water on them under the light, especially that close, they get fried. The beads of water act like a magnifying glass.

    The light that distance from the plant depends on whether you have 1 300w cfl or a bunch of low wattage bulbs adding up to 300watts. Either way, with a seedling that young you would probably back the light off another ~5cm without getting any serious stretching. If you see it start to get lanky looking, drop the light a few cm.
    Do you have 1 300w cfl or a bunch of low wattage bulbs adding up to 300watts?

    Misting isn't just for mites though, you can do occasional foliar sprays with a fine mist. Compost tea foliar sprays can help protect the leafs from fungal infections by colonizing beneficial organisms on the leaf's surface. Or when treating nutrient deficiencies they are also useful. But you should avoid foliar spraying by mid-late flower, especially if there is a high RH in your grow space. I personally don't mess with foliar sprays much anymore, unless for bugs. The work outweighs the reward. In nature they just get rained on..

    Try putting a small tray of water under it and only filling it till the water level comes to about 3-4mm, the water will wick into the soil above it. But if you do this let the soil start to dry a bit before you fill the tray again. Or just VERY gently pot up.
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    dtl420 Well-Known Member

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Don't get so hasty! The plant is fine, it's the care given to the plant that needs to change.

    Ablaze Well-Known Member

    I challenge you to get them through harvest :weed: At some point you'll be too far along to just ditch 'em.

    My cat causes more damage than that. Just keep watching it and don't do anything special with water at this point. The soil should be dry, just not bone dry. Practice makes perfect.
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    Ablaze Well-Known Member

    I can't speak the language, but Hasselfors may not be organic. If they're man-made nutrients, it may be hot - specially for a seedling.

    FiggyA Member

    81f & 45rh, are they in a dome? Get a dome and quit fucking with 'em so much. Also a lot of good advice in this thread so far, it would behoove you to take some.
    No nutes
    Add perlite
    Raise the light
    And you'll be fine, it's a weed.

    Newsun123 Member

    Thank you all for some great advice, I really apriciate you guys taking time helping some random new guy out online! Shows what a nice forum & people it has.

    So to reply to some of the stuff people posted: yes I have a 300 clf (not small ones) and have a few of these plus a ton of other equipment packed ready to go full load once I learned to handle a few plants.

    The input from dtl420 makes alot of sense about magnifying glass, going to cut the misting. But let me tell you why I am doing this.

    Even if I water the plant, the soil shows to dry, it's like sooo dry all the time, even 10 minutes after watering it... thats why I'm thinking this soil might be crap and I should start over buying for example Gold Label Mixed soil.

    The hasselfors is a big brand here in the northern countries, it's not crap but it has a ton of peaty parts in it (i think thats the translation) so it keeps going dry, but I guess ill up the big water and cut down on the misting see how it goes.

    I've also distanced the plant few cm from the light, and let's see if that helps a bit. Also changed from 24/24 to 20 / 4 see if it gives the plant a bit rest.

    Another thing I noticed is the plant is slowing down on the development, I mean Im not sure how much it should advance but passt few days I havent seen much happening but it getting "weaker" looking and more light green than green and now the leaf burn problem.

    Anyways HUGE thanks to you all for helping me, you dont know how much it means to me and the gratitude i feel! thanks so much

    Newsun123 Member

    These are two pictures I took right prior to making the light changes, I noticed it was worse when I got home.. let's see how it develops after making some lifestyle changes to the plants... thanks again guys

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    Newsun123 Member

    Thanks for your input, I don't have any nutes and have not planned to add any until next week, if so 1/4 of recommended dosage according to nuting schedule.

    I might get a soiled mix and transfer them that has perlite, the container is a bit small right now to add some to it I think, plus the soil Im using right now has hydrograins that should give sufficient oxygen and drainage i think

    The light is raised now, hopefully it will help

    Ablaze Well-Known Member

    You're well on your way. Don't over think it and just let it do it's thing.

    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

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    Newsun123 Member

    Today I woke up to my other plant showing same signs as the other one, the one on the picture looks even weaker... :(

    Newsun123 Member

    The plants are showing weaker and weaker, the yellow is getting more and more and the leaf feels more dry.... I really don't know what to do at this point.. Im thinking in the lines of feeding them maybe restoring the green color.. but i guess thats just a crazy noob thought.

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