Flush or no flush when switching to flower when growing in coco?

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    Hey guys

    So this is my first time growing indoor as well as my first time growing in coco. So I have two questions: 1- should I flush before I switch to flowering nutes. 2- When should I switch to flowering nutes (as soon as I switch to 12/12 or later on?)

    Any help is much appreciated, thank you :)
    Fractured but whole

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    in coco, you should leach salts occasionally, when is up to you to figure out depending on amount of feeding you are doing. Personally, I don't use bloom nutes, but if you are going to use them, wait 2 weeks from flip.
    Uncle Reefer

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    don't flush (because ) you are switching to flower. Flower nutes and veg nutes aren't that different. But if you are overfeeding that is a separate thing.

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    Cool, thanks a lot!

    Mo9000 Member

    Ok cool, thanks man.

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    You shouldn’t need to flush. Just feed them. When you see some runoff stop. Never use plain water.

    About once a week or so I usually give them extra and create lots of runoff. Keeps things wet and clean. Just don’t let the coco ever get dry.

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