Flowering plant 1-2 weeks to harvest with powdery mildew

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    lince Well-Known Member

    Grown for two months and now fucked up!!! 1-2 weeks to harvest and with PM. I usually use neem oil and it works well but you are not suppose to spray anything in a flowering plant right ?

    So what to do if I'm about to harvest and with this problem ? I was thinking about throwing the plant away but thought maybe somebody can give me a better option.

    Thanks guys :)

    TheTokingKing Active Member

    Neem for powder mold? Never heard it. What I would do is gently mist the areas and cut it out. I babied two OGs that molded. You know when their in flower that deep you dont want to put anything on it. My opinions of coarse
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    mazand1982 Well-Known Member

    even in late flower u can spray them with a product called greencure, got it from the hydro store, sprayed it and they went away...u mix a small spoon ful (included) with a spray bottle of water, u can spray the whole plant and let it air dry in dark...
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    lince Well-Known Member

    yep, I spend quite some time today cleaning the leaves but it's too difficult, there are some small buds that have it, some small leaves and it's quite easy to miss it in some parts as well, which mean that you could end up smoking it.

    meezy4tw Active Member

    I use it for PM, its more of a preventitive measure though, I spray every three days in veg and every 5-7 in flower up until the last 2 and a half weeks before harvest. This gives it time to go away without leaving anything behind.
    As for already having it, try greencure it definitley works, and if thats not available to you then I would use a milk and water spray (1 part milk 9 parts water) or some neem.

    Note- if you do decide to use neem use 1/4 strength the normal amount for the mix, its late in flower and it really doesnt require that much.
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    Cali.Grown>408 Well-Known Member

    if the bud comes outta kinda crappy with some mildew still on the buds u can always make Canna Butter..while u cook the butter it kills the mildew, i've had to do it to 2-3plants in the past.
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    lince Well-Known Member

    I thought you weren't suppose to spray any liquids while flowering... good to know :) Also will keep that greencure in mind, not for this occasion but maybe for the next one :) +rep

    I usu neem on my plants but usually stop using it when they start flowering coz I read it's not good to spray the buds/thricomes but if it works for you I guess I'll use it for a little longer on my plants next time. I think I'll put some neem on her tonight at the strength you said and hope for the best, thanks for the info :) +rep

    I didn't know that cooking it you would get rid of the PM, will try the neem and depending on the results may put on the cooking suit :D I already made some cookies and I love the taste and the high so it's def. a good idea, thanks :) +rep

    TheDude007 Member

    Hey Lince,
    Your usage of Neem is good, in early flowering and in veg anyway. Neem will kill pistils, some say only if it's concentrated too much in water, but I have seen it kill pistils when it's very weak concentration. So I neem up until week 3 of flowering, when pistils really start coming out. After that you need to use something that won't harm your pistils/buds. Greencure is something a fellow grower of mine started using and he says it works great. I've tried Serenade and it turns your buds yellow, so you don't wanna use that.
    After much experimentation I found the most effective cure for the powdery mildew was something quite simple: Hydrogen Peroxide/water. One part Hydrogen peroxide to 5 parts water. This will kill the PM on contact with the water peroxide spray. And it doesn't harm your buds at all. You can spray this the day you harvest if you want.
    Spray the hell out of your plants with this and you should be fine. Also regarding foliar spray during flowering: there are lots of foliar spray applications that you can do during flowering that won't harm your buds, affect their taste, and will actually give you better results.
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    lince Well-Known Member

    That's some good info dude, I'll try to get some Hydrogen Peroxide today and use it instead of the neem oil :)

    Will also have to look into those spray that you can use during flowering coz the PM is a persistent problem. +rep

    lince Well-Known Member

    Got the Hydrogen Peroxide. It's good that pharmacies are also open on Sundays. I'll spray the plant tonight and hope for the best :)
    sgt d

    sgt d Well-Known Member

    Yup, they say you shouldn't spray during flowering mainly 'cause moisture in the nugs is a great way to get mold/pm. But if you have a good grip on your room's environment (fans, dehumidifier, outtake)and are able to dry them, it shouldn't be a problem.

    I've heard spraying them with a solution of water and calcium carbonate will do the trick, too. I like the milk idea (lactic acid)! Basically, no pun intended, I think the key to killing pm is to change the ph of the affected areas to a ph that pm hates, long enough for it to go belly up.

    Pimprovising Active Member

    yes..........to kill PM give it undesireable PH, best to use, milk, bakingsoda, or peroxide IMO...

    Serial_Stoner415 Active Member

    Watched a video by Jorge Cervantes the other day about how to get rid of pm completely after you chop. He suggests getting hydrogen peroxide and making a weak solution of water and hp. Once that is put together then you take the branches with the flowers still connected and sink them into the solution. While keeping them submerged the hp attacks the pm and eventually all of the pm will float to the top. From that point you can collect it with a sponge by dragging the sponge across the top of the water. Once you are comfortable with your cleaning job then you pull said branches out give them a quick rinse. Then just take a blow dryer and try to get your flowers as dry as possible. I'm sure the video isn't too hard to find....I just don't remember where I saw it at. Sorry guys! Good luck!!

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    you just bumped a thread from 2011, i think their problems are long gone by now lol
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    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    lol 2011 he probly hasnt grown another crop in years

    Serial_Stoner415 Active Member

    Lol yeah I figured as much....but there is logic behind my action. The only reason I found this thread is because I need info on pm. So if my 2cents will help the next guy then my work here is done lol
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    Serial_Stoner415 Active Member

    It's more just to put the info out for the next guy/girl
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    Serial_Stoner415 Active Member

    What type of flower is that in your pick? @MrStickyScissors

    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    yeah true that. never thought of it like that. but yea your right. for the google searchs

    vostok Well-Known Member

    I've just done 2 of mine like this: and its every year like this since '74,
    I defend my plants with heavy use of neem oil, spray daily if required buds too, as I've yet to taste neem on my buds, as it dissipates quick within 2-3 days
    but for really bad cases of mold, and you gotta be tough, is wrap the plant pot in a plastic trash bag invert and dip your plant in a bath of 10-15% bleach and warm water
    allow to dry in a warm wind or under a fan for 3-4 hours ..good luck

    ps it turn the mold to a shit real quick ...instant death, avoid spraying the spores about
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