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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Been using this for 4+ months and it works great. Once you make this jug. I use 2ml/gal every 4 days. Spray on top should be fine, don't mix it with your Benny's tho ;)

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    drgreentm Well-Known Member

    I will give it a try. My system is top feed and use chunky perlite in 7 gallon pots, I feed frequently so the top layer stays moist and of course the brings the algae, it will get bad if I don’t treat it some way or another. I Have clear rez (hypochlorouse acid) and been mixing with water and spraying but need something a little stronger so I figured pool shock or diluted bleach.

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Have you tried covering up the tops of your pots. It's the light that makes the algae grow faster I think.

    I put plastic squares over my mothers rw blocks and it stopped
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    drgreentm Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about covering them, the pots are pretty big but I suppose I could just use Panda film or something. Maybe I will do both lol, last run it got bad and looks nasty.
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Unfourtunitly I may have to change my light schedule. Don't ask lol.

    What is the safest way to do this?

    Run 24hrs dark and continue on with 12/12 except days instead of nights

    Or run 24 hrs light to change from nights to days ?
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    I believe extending darkness is the way to go
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Either way is fine bud .

    They can have a long night or a early day .

    But since your in flower i would extend the dark as well.

    If i was in veg i would extend the day
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Whein i flipped i changed from 6am on to 12am off. To 6pm on 6am off just gave them an extra long night as i beleive it helps kick start flower (no science) giving 24 hrs dark at the flip :)
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Their 2 weeks into flower . IL give them extra dark if I have to actually change it
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    I trimmed the undergrowth and put up the net and changed my wiring around on my lights

    The rewire went great until I went to turn on the 5000k strips. One blew and started to smoke for a sec .

    @Serva @nfhiggs @ledgardener
    I had 16 gen one strips

    One blew

    Can I still run 15 on the same driver or will I overpower and blow the rest.?

    Just keep it dialed down?

    I normally wouldn't mind just using the 3500k for flower but their spacing is now every 5 or 6 inches instead of every 3

    So the lux meter is saying 50,000lux directly under each lit up strip

    and down to 5000to 7000 lux in between.

    As you can see from my pics, I had every second strip alternating between 3500k and 5000k color temp

    DSC_0749.JPG DSC_0754.JPG
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Ha ha tie them bitches down

    Looks good sorry to hear about the strip ,yikes
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    I unplugged the burnout.

    Let there be light!

    Day man!


    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Did a coco drench of 1ml/litre of sm 90

    Added gnat nix to the tops of my pots as a preventive measure.

    It's just recycled glass creating a dry layer between flyers and their food source.

    Also more training and got all my strips providing a even blanket of light at 50,000k lux :)

    Filled the res back up at 950ppm(truncheon) and gave them a good feeding :) day 15 flower

    DSC_0765.JPG DSC_0763.JPG DSC_0762.JPG DSC_0761.JPG DSC_0760.JPG DSC_0759.JPG DSC_0758.JPG

    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Wow! It needs more than twice as much current to burn out those strips!
    Do you use a 24vdc constant voltage driver? Sounds like a thermal runaway, which occurs when a strip has a lower resistance/voltage as the others. The strip with the smallest resistance would get the most current, gets overheated and then burn out.
    This is a typical risk when using a parallel circuit but it occurs only relatively rarely.
    You can reduce it by pre-testing all strips and sorting out the "outliers". However, it is safer (for the LEDs) to use a series connection, as this is the only way to ensure that all strips receive the same current. Or you put a resistor in series in front of each strip to limit the maximum current. There are several LED calculators(online, apps) which can be used to calculate the required resistance.

    For now do the following to reduce the risk to loose another strip because of thermal runaways.
    Turn the voltage poti counterclockwise until you see reduced brightness. Than turn it again clockwise until you see constant brightness and leave the voltage poti right there.
    A MW 24vdc driver can go above 27v and this allows too much current flow, if it's limited to eg. 24 or 25v the max. current one strip can "suck" it much lower. You can also use a multimeter to limit the voltage corresponding to the datasheet. <24vdc should be enough for 1 and 2' strips, <48A for the 4footers.(depending on strip temps)

    Thats the typical voltage numbers for EBgen.1 @700 and 1400mA.
    27vdc would allows probably up to 3Amps current or more when running hot.

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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Screenshot_20180222-095945.png @Randomblame I found the problem

    The strip that blew, had both negitives plugged in

    - - instead of - +

    I'm using cv/cc driver

    Wired in paralell
    Like the picture above
    Hlg 480h-24a
    16x two foot strips
    Gen 1 eb strips
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member


    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    So the plants are looking perfect, not a yellow spot or leaf out of place haha, first time for everything eh ;)

    IL get some fresh pics today.

    Yesterday, week 4.5
    I did another good trim, almost 5gallons worth for all 18 plants

    I left the fan leaf solar panels alone

    I cut all of the new armpit, suckers, I call them. axillary shoots that pop up all over the middle and lower part that will only ever form into popcorn Nugs.

    Almost anything that wasn't going to contribute to the terminal bud in the canopy.

    Also each plant had one or two Rouge side branches that never made it to the top and aren't even trying to get in the canopy after weeks of jamming it back in. all flopping out and hanging out in the isle. Chopped.

    Note: Could have saved alot of nice clones in this process.
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    upnsmoke13 Well-Known Member

    You still running 950ppms?
    Edited to say they are looking great, btw!

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Just on week 4.5 I have them a pk boost and I'm sitting around 1200ppm for my heavy week.

    IL be tapering down to 800 over the next 4 weeks until harvest.

    No flush

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

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