First Timer-Jack's Classic 20-20-20 in DWC Hydroponic?

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    Hi everyone-

    First time grower here and I just ordered Jack's Classic 20-20-20 all purpose and blossom booster dual from here I purchased this intending to use soil however I decided to go with DWC which seems alot better. I wanted to know if anyone is familiar with using both these fertilizers in DWC?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    wmemae Well-Known Member

    yes I have used it also but I stopped for while . but I will start using i again after my clones get a little bigger . you need to tell me how old and big youre plants are . are the internodes semitrical or alternating. and do you have a ppm meter.

    jpnspec Well-Known Member

    plants are clones, approx. 2 weeks old. i dont have a ppm meter, I was planning to start out very light, maybe 1/4 as suggested. I wanted to know if there was anything i needed to mix with to go hydro?

    wmemae Well-Known Member

    no just as directed warm water . I used a planters jar with hot water from the sink and add the nutes to it and shake for a min and then add to the rez and stirr the rez with your hand

    jpnspec Well-Known Member

    excellent, thanks for the tip!

    Windsblow Well-Known Member

    So what PPM TDS would you run with jacks (in veg state)?

    flgrwr Member

    just be sure you mix the nutes well, you dont want your lines clogged. I had an issue with that and it was a GIANT pain in my ass.

    Windsblow Well-Known Member

    So what PPM were you running?

    Ammastor Active Member

    Anyone have any more info on Jack's?

    Been looking for something simple besides the 3 part. Hear all sorts of mixed emotions about the GH series nutes and the others. I have yet to hear anything bad about Jack's.

    Do you guys just follow the directions on the container or do you guys have your own measurements that you guys use?

    This is for a DWC setup as well.

    So as others have asked. What ppm/tds you guys runnin?

    iknowad Member

    i don't think jacks will work well in dwc. I've tried a product with the same nitrogen formulation as jacks (plant prod 20-20-20) and growth was soooo slow that i called it quits anxious enough i transferred to coco. jacks has a lot of urea as nitrogen and the nitrogen cycle to break down urea is not efficient in a very passive hydro system like dwc. It works very well in ebb n flow with beneficial bacteria and porous medium to convert the urea into useable nitrogen. if you have good results let me know!

    ChrisDuke Active Member

    Don't know about the regular Jack's in hydro, I use the hydroponic formula and while im only on grow two, I don't think it's my limiting factor.

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    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    Jack's classics 20-20-20 is meant to be used in soil. It leaves out all the calcium and provides a great deal of the N as urea and ammonium.

    For DWC, Jack's professional hydroponics with calcium nitrate is what you should be using. With that, most of the N is nitrates, provided mostly by the calcium nitrate.
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    KiefCommander Member

    Im currently using jacks 20-20-20 in a 5 gal dwc setup and she is growing fast but i had some calcium and magnesium defficiency on week 3 and added N-Cal-Mag and she is turning around now. I have been using 1/4 tsp Jacks and 1tsp N-Cal-Mag per gallon (distilled water 5ppm) and am at 195ppm total. Ill let you know if i have any problems as some have told me jacks is going to be difficult later down the road wereas others have said its fine

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    As long as it has all your Micro nutrients all should be good. Not TOO familiar with Jack's nowadays, but if you use the regular 20-20-20 for dirt in hydro you will most likely have to supplement with a decent micro blend at some point.

    What's wrong with GH- FloraNova Bloom? (Pricey?)
    I blew plenty of grows out of the water using nothing but Bloom from start till finish. I started adding P/K Liquid KoolBloom in flower. You don't even need the Liquid KoolBloom to pull off a decent grow.
    Adding Rapid Start for roots, and Floraliscious+ for everything else, Makes A Top Quality Product grown in hydro.

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    You can use FloraNova Bloom from GH as a 1-Part, Stand Alone Nutrient from start to finish in Hydro and grow Good, Healthy Plants.

    That's what I was trying to get across..

    MMMPandrewBGT Member

    So ive been using jacks 202020 since i switched to dwc i started one plant just to see how it went and she exploded i immediately chucked dirt lol.
    So i know jacks is some strong shit so i definitely didn't wanna follow the recommend dosage so i made my own. I mix 24gal of water and i mix only 1tsp of jacks 202020, 80ml of cal-mag from EH and then only 14mls of bio root from GO then for keeping the water clean i throw in a half tsp of mosquito bits. I put my ph to 5.5 and change the res (bucket) once a week and i let the oh just casually raise by it's self which only ever gets to 6.1.
    The big plant is 4 weeks and the rest are just starting there 2nd week now everything is looking good up until the other day i started noticing this on the tips my first thought was it was nute burn.. But with as little of the jacks im using it doesn't make sense i also wasn't using cal-mag up until last week.
    I use city water which comes out at 226ppm after i add all my nutes and ph it obly raises the ppm to 446.
    Any advice would be helpful i included pics. Sorry about the shit quality pics lol

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