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    Hi guys first time noob grow here. A few points.

    Please advise if these are Indica or Sativa, my friend said probably a hybrid.
    :I didnt top any of them, was still reading up on this, but realize i probably should of.
    :I should of used fertilizer earlier, was still doing research, first one i used is organic called seagro.
    :The fertilizer I currently use is 7:1:3 small doses,i experiment on 2 small dud(Poor Genetics) plants double dosing them what i give big plants first, to see how they react, using "Efekto Lawn and Leaf" High nitrogen
    Pics are in order of seedling to big plant, Seedling pics dated 24 Oct, Big plants 1St Dec
    :The last pic is replant i did that day see the small pot below the paint bucket,was badly root bound n drooped.
    :They are all females in pre floweing stage, Im going to switch to a bone meal based fertilzer month end please advise me on this. They seem to be vegging quite a bit still?
    :They are planted in a soil composed of regular potting soil and regular compost, I have a layer of stones at bone for air flow.
    :They were initially getting about 8 hours but my friend advised its not good enough so i moved them to a 14.5/9.5 hours of full sunlight spot.
    :The weather has been very erratic here, has been alot of rainy/windy days these plants are pretty tough, I had to cover the lighter colour pots a bit cause on the hot days the roots were getting heat stress.
    I hardly have to water them we having rain like every second week. Its supposed to be full on african summer but the seasons have changed alot here.

    Oh and the seeds are from some entry level higher grade stuff, The nigerians here called it train wreck but they don't know what the fuk they selling. Nice fruity smell

    Any tips and comments appreciated. Thanks

    IMG-20171024-WA0003.jpg IMG_20171201_164659.jpg IMG-20171024-WA0002.jpg IMG_20171201_164735.jpg IMG_20171024_131336.jpg IMG_20171201_164713.jpg IMG_20171024_131343.jpg IMG_20171201_164717.jpg IMG-20171110-WA0007.jpg IMG-20171119-WA0002.jpeg
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