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    So I picked up a couple gas mask clones a while back cherry pie x starfighter. So I put one into flower a couple weeks after I got them, I guess just to do a test plant. One in 2 gallon pot it sister in 3 gallon pot of ffhf soil, green planet nutes, mollasses water (lightly) and mammoth P micro critter's. Small one is day 59 and will be chopping in a day or two its sis is in day 25 of flower. Lil one is just thickly coated in trichs, and just reeks of ole fashion bubble gum and fermented berries. My anticipation level is sky high on how she will dry and cure up, I can't wait anymore:p:weed: 20180410_074912.jpg 20180410_074929.jpg 20180410_075013.jpg 20180410_075122.jpg 20180410_075013.jpg
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    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    Should be fire with that lineage
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    Zephyrs Well-Known Member

    Yeah it turned out rather potent. Yeild was nothing as it was just a test plant. Not so much the cherry pie taste, more like eating a handful of sour patch gummies upon exhale, but very smooth smoke. It's a keeper of a strain:weed: Got the other one bout a month to go. And clones of em for summer time. I will be holding on to a momma plant for a long time to come:eyesmoke:
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    sounds tasty!
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