First sample harvest...take a look.

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    Like the title says.

    This was my first harvest. Off of a stunted plant. (Became a micro grow) I used the opportunity to practice trimming the buds.

    I wore gloves, used spring loaded scissors, kept some isopropyl alcohol nearby to clean up, and took my time.

    Just took a hit to sample and put it away in mason jars to cure.
    How did I do? 20180516_132952.jpg 20180516_132404.jpg
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    Roger A. Shrubber

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    farther than a lot of people get on their first attempt. looks like its still pretty wet, may want to let it dry more before you jar it. stick a small hygrometer in the jar with it if you have one, and keep it open till it drops down into the 60s, then keep burping it till it gets down to 64-65%, then you can just let it age.
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    Thank you and I will do that!
    Dan Drews

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    Looks good. If you put the buds in a jar and a few hours later they're soft, moist and sticking to each other and the jar, dump them into a paper bag for a few hours. Then back into the jars. Check daily and repeat as necessary. When you can "tumble" the buds in the jar, they no longer stick, and they make a little clinking noise as the spin, you're in the cure zone.

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