First harvest have question?

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    So I just cut my beautiful lady down. I didn't trim branches off. I just hung the whole plant. My question is, can I hang it my tent sealed up. 4*3*6. I'm reading around 72d 42-52rh with exhaust fan but no osc fan. Should I keep my fans on? First grow so I'm learning thanks for your input.

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    Ablaze Well-Known Member

    There's a lot that goes into evaluating the drying conditions, and it's a bit different for everyone. The trick in to keep them from drying too quickly. You definitely want to exchange the air to prevent mold. Personally, is such a small place I wouldn't use the osc fan. The venting you have should be fine. Just keep a watch on them.
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    Mateo87 New Member

    Thanks for your input buddy. I took the fan out last night, so we'll see how it goes. I'll def be more prepared for my next round.
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    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    My buds drying out (now in a paper bag) always take on a uniform generic cannabis smell while drying and before curing. Is it during the curing process that they take on the smell relevant to their strain? I hope so.

    Mateo87 New Member

    Day 3 in the jar. Smell is coming back and the harshness is already going away. Definitely needs more time but it's looking good.
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