First Grow, Very DIY, welfare indoor.

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    received_10156394221826168.jpeg received_1050948618406491.jpeg
    This will make a few of you laugh.

    First attempt growing so far just started off a bit shits and giggles sorta thing, 2 mates gave me seeds, 4 northern lights and a bag of 30 lemon haze, germinated 20 LH and 4 NL, using nothing more than strung up assorted lamps and other e27 and t2 fittings i rigged up.
    Bulbs ranging from mostly..
    18w 6000k LEDs at 2000 Lumens
    And 23w 2700k CFLs.
    05/05/18 NL seeds sprouted.
    18/05/18 LH seeds sprouted.
    Potted in a soil/coir/perlite mix.
    Nutes: PowerFeed, Seasol, MiracleGro and sulphate of potash.
    4 NL & 16 LH Vegged until 25/07/18.
    With lighting gradually being increased (more LEDs, bulbs upgraded)
    Currently im in my second week of flowering 12/08/18, All sexed.
    First grow ever i have ended up with 13/20 females, 3 of which went Hermie.

    2 female NL.
    8 female LH.

    Under hehehe...
    15x 18w [email protected] e27 fitting
    8x 23w [email protected] t2 fitting

    I know a lot of you are laughing, as i have been since i started my grow, but from start as seeds until now i am SHOCKED at the overall progress.
    Only 2 weeks into flower and bud development is incredible i think XD

    Pics Coming Soon :)

    Cheers XD
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    spilly1 Well-Known Member

    Hey whatever works. Good job, yo

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

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    RyanTeeGrow Member

    Thanks Spilly n__n ill be sure to get more photos when its lights on in 6 hours :p
    And post updates.

    RyanTeeGrow Member

    I have seen that miracle-no soil thread however i bought a different product of theirs thats a dilute with water granules, and i only use the TINIEST bit of it alongside my seasol/powerfeed/potash mix.
    In all honesty all of what you see has wound up costing me around $60 hahah.

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Do your research on what goes in your soil pal. It may be cheap but it may be harmful.

    Cannabis plants accumulate heavy metals , and your nutrients and soil should be well thought out. Nutrients arent that expensive.

    You can even use an air pump to make your own nutrients, and benificial microbes/nematodes for cheaper than your miricle grow , after you find a pump. Lol

    .. Google - aact

    Anyways another thing youve probably thought about. Do not spray anything on or near your flowering buds.
    - bug sprays for veggies are not the same for buds your going to dry and smoke .. And not rinse befor you consume.

    RyanTeeGrow Member

    I dont have any pest control except sticky traps :)
    I havent put anything over the buds since flowering, only waterered at the base of the plant.
    As for how my nutes are, honestly theres no real signs of deficiency or toxicity so ill play it by ear :)

    Thanks for the tips! :)

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Haha throw away your bottle of miricle grow or save it for your flowers around the house or something. Please.
    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    OP, plants are looking good. I'm an ultra tight grower too. There is no need to spend big bucks on ferts. I use 2-10-10 granules for flower. About a dollar a pound. Just top dress with it.

    The concerns over MG ferts is the salts they use. Small amounts will not hurt you, but over time they salts will build up in your soil and harm your swarm of micro goodies. I use MG like medicine. If I have a plant that is looking sickly, I will give it a dose. Lots of god stuff in there with the salts.

    Teas are a good, cheap way to feed. Check this out, but do some Google searches too.

    Good luck.

    RyanTeeGrow Member

    Thanks Larry ill have a look into :)

    This is seasol and powerfeed.

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    Kretzlord Active Member

    Hey man, those plants are looking good! Diy doesn't always look good but as long as it works I don't have any soil knowledge, but I bet a few home made reflectors (drink cans, foil, etc) would help your light intensity and future yield

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Keep going it's looking good considering everything. Some here do worse with more.
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    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    MG turns the color it does from copper sulfate. It's a fungicide . Besides some plants using some.

    doctordetroit Well-Known Member

    They look happy :) as hotrod said the best equipment don't always give the best results.

    RyanTeeGrow Member

    Thanks HotRod :) i will! :D

    RyanTeeGrow Member

    Cheers Doc :D
    Ill keep yas updated.

    RyanTeeGrow Member

    3 weeks flower progress :)

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    RyanTeeGrow Member

    Whole view :)

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