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    Jon_a Member

    Hey everybody!

    This is my first post and my first grow as well. Very exited.

    I just germinated my first 4 seeds (2 OG kush Auto and 2 Tangerine dream Auto).

    This is my procedure:
    -26 hours on paper towel soaked on 5.8 ph 50ppm filtered water
    -Transfered the germinated seeds into 4 inch rockwool bubed presoaked on same water
    - into a dome 70-80% humidity 25-28 degrees celsius (77-82f) covered for first three days.
    -10 inches away from two cfls 25 w each.

    This is a picture of them on day 3:

    Fourth day I removed the dome and all three plants were ok but the Tangerine dream plant #1 is clearly not ok.

    I was hoping any of you guys could give me a light on what might be going wrong with it. Here is a close up:
    late bloomer.jpeg
    thanks so much guys for any help

    Jon_a Member

    This is a close up of the other seedling and its clearly healthy just for reference: og kush .jpeg

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Humidity domes are more trouble than they're worth, especially for the inexperienced. I'm not sure why that info is still out there for newbs. This is the third or fourth time I've seen this in the last month. See that water droplet on the leaf? That's not good. Let it get air.

    Jon_a Member

    omg!!!! Roger that. Thanks so much.
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    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Seedlings don't need domes. If they stay too wet and humid you invite dampening off.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    First pic shows a seedling that has dried out bits of the seedcap still attached. Second plant looks fine to me. I would want to clean up the top plant by removing the detritus. Use 2 toothpicks and use one to brace the stem by making a "t-shape" just under the leaves. Use the second toothpick to gently push the crap off the leaves.

    I usually avoid this problem by letting the seeds germ an extra day. Then when I peel back the paper towel the seedling is laying flat and that makes it much easier to remove any remaining seed cap material.

    Good luck, BigSteve.
    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RIU!
    Good Luck on your 1st grow!
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    good job popping all the beans! in my experience not all seeds will work out as planned. Are you planning on putting them in a hydro setup?

    Jon_a Member

    whats up guys

    Thanks for all the feedback. Helped a lot! I might have very well saved the other three seedlings due to your help!

    Turns out that one sick seedling died out, I killed it in order to avoid any sort of contagious breakout to the other ones. The other three are very good. I transfered them into coco (50/50 perlite) and just gave them their first feeding 260ppm GH Flora series + Calmag. Will pump up the feeding res to 500ppm in 7 days plus rapid start... they are growing amazing...

    please enjoy these pictures:
    og kush1.jpeg Tangerine Dream 4 a.jpeg
    group.jpeg Tangerine Dream 4.jpeg og kush.jpeg
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  10. Active Member

    Looking good, glad they made it.

    Samblakaka Active Member

    Definitely a humidity dome is not needed for seedlings....they have roots and can gain all the moisture they need thru them unlike fresh clones which have no roots and this is when a dome becomes appropriate. I do in fact use domes for my seedlings but I keep the vents open all the way and I use 1 25 watt t5 bulb instead of 2...that's too much light for a plant this size, at this stage in it's life it needs to focus more on building a solid root structure rather than building top veg growth without the root structure to support it. This is also a reason not to do 24 hours of light, the 4-6 hours of darkness in veg allows it to develop its roots and if you have good roots then you won't experience problems when transitioning from veg to flower...I look at it like this...seeds take 4 months. It's the first month from seed pop includes building roots and letting the plant mature enough to handle your veg light and then transition it under the veg light for a month before flowering for 2 months (average numbers, strain genetics will vary on the timeline)...this allows you a smooth transition from veg to flower with no issues with the roots....remember, ROOTS=FRUITS!!!

    Case26 New Member

    Seedlings a week old don’t need any feeding they have everything they need in the seed. Go as lite as possible on all the great bottles u have plenty of time to feed ur plants when it’s time. It will tell you.

    Jon_a Member

    Guys! need some other advice. Your expertise would be very welcome!!!

    So the plants are going into their 24th day since germination. I'm pretty sure this is a deficiency but I would like you fine growers to take a look before I up my PPM.

    THANKS !!!!

    WhatsApp Image 2017-a12-22 at 21.14.34.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2017-12-22 at 21.14.34.jpeg

    Jon_a Member

    Also I think the leaves are somewhat too light yellow, I'd say they should be greener and darker.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Those look pretty wet for the size of plant. You want the medium damp but not wet with young plants so that they develop a strong root structure while seeking nutrients and moisture. I wouldn't up anything. I'd let them dry out and then feed with half strength nutrient solution PH'd to 6.0 with 20 - 30% runoff then let them dry out again. Looks like too wet and PH out of wack.
    Dumping more nutrients into that wet medium isn't going to do you any favors. Less is better for those plants in my opinion.

    Jon_a Member

    I've been watering once every day, sometimes I skip a day if the medium still feels damp. I've been watering them with 5.8 PH water 150-250 PPM nutes with calmag..... You think 6ph is better than 5.8 for coco?

    Jon_a Member

    I am thinking of raising my ph to the 6-6.5 range so they can access Ca and Mg more easily.... what do you think?

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