First Grow in 2X2X4 tent No Till

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    Hello everyone, this is my first actual grow. I’m using cheap soil that I mixed up from Home Depot with a little bit of worm castings I harvested myself. Seed is a blue dream bagseed I believe and am growing it mostly to build the soil life.

    Seed germinated 9/16/18 and was planted in half peat moss and half worm castings with some rice hulls. I plan on growing organic no till. I’m starting the seed with a 45 watt led light than will switch to a Mars Hydro 240 watt reflector led light. Light schedule is 16/8 for now.

    Strain: Blue Dream
    Tent: 2X2X4
    Light: 45w Led/240w reflector led
    Temperature:77 degrees Fahrenheit
    Humidity: 47%

    Let me know if there’s a better format to post. Still new to this.

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    Today the seed popped up. Temperature with light in is about 81 with humidity around 40% outside the humidity dome. Probably higher inside. All I’ve been doing is spraying the inside of it with water. We’ll update more as more things happen.

    Day one seedling
    Temperature: 81
    Humidity: 40%

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    Day 3
    Temperature: 80
    RH: 38

    I planted some cover crop on the 3 inch pot. Clover to fix nitrogen in the soil. Some germinated already and should sprout in the next few days. Soil is still moist. Open the humidity dome a bit. Tomorrow I will open the holes completely than remove it completely. I plan on making an ewc tea and giving it to my 5 gallon smart pot and the seedling. Just to brew some bacteria. Will post more updates as they come.

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    Day 6
    Temp: 81
    I planted some cover crop on the 5 gallon container. Crimson clover as cover crop. Still in the 3 inch pot for now. Plant was falling over so I used some hemp wick to keep it up. Have a fan in there so hopefully it will strengthen the plant stem. True leaves have sprouted.

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