First Grow - Advice and Opinions on how it's going

Hi all, First time growing and i have a few questions.

I have an 80x80x200 Grow tent with a 600W HPS coving the space Growing in soil, temperature and humidity semi-controlled but haven't gotten too far out (aside from last week when the heatwave brought tent temps up to 29C :mad: but I reduced the lights to 400w for a few days until the climate cooled down a bit)

First attempt at growing, I have two Autos and one Fem. The plan was to grow the autos at 20/4 and Veg the Fem until the Autos got harvested.
Autos were topped at the 5th node. but plants never pinned down so didn't spread out and branches kept smothering eatch other for light. (Learn to properly train next time)

Plants went down around the middle of march. The Autos are deep into flowering one has been going fine while the other seemed to stall for 1 or 2 weeks when i pruned some deficiency affected leaves from it.

Auto A is in 5L platic pot while Auto B is in 11L fabric pot, i wanted to see the difference these made and the larger pot definitely helped produce a larger plant, I'm sad it stalled for those 2 weeks. because now i have huge big main stems but the buds haven grown to fill them out.

While Auto A was packing on bud weight, Auto B (although it had plenty of short-spaced nodes) was just producing tiny buds that were not growing at all, until about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm feeling like i'm coming close to harvest for Auto A but not sure if I can just leave Auto B in for longer to try and pack on bud size.
Still waiting to see any Amber trichomes on both Flowering plants.

The Fem has had leaves turning yellow and drying up/dying for the past few weeks and i'm getting a bit worried.

Hoping to get advice on all three as this is the first time I have grown either Fems or Autos and I'm getting worried at the amount of dying leaves on the Fem during veg even though it is much bigger and has loads of leaves further up.

Pics to follow

Any advice appreciated. I know this is my first grow so can only learn from mistakes.
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Fem :???:

20200609_144620.jpg 20200609_144628.jpg

Edit: Apologies for spamming posts but i wanted to keep the images of each plant seperate to avoid confusion.
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Thanks guys, I'll look into getting some CalMag for the Fem. Just waiting for the autos to be ready for harvest then I'm flipping the tent to 12/12 for the Photo


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The autos are getting there but still some time left. You want those white pistils to turn brown and shrivel into the buds. Watch for the calyxes to swell once the white pistils are mostly gone. Get a decent loupe or microscope and watch your trichomes get cloudy. This will give you time to get the photoperiod plant healthy before you flip. Make sure you have an accurate way to check and adjust ph and you can add unscented epsom salt to help with the Mg issue that cannacountry pointed out.
Thanks sheesh. I have since moved the Photo into another room and tied it down a bunch to get more even lighting with a basic lamp over it to maintain vegging . Not great, really should have done the tying down when the plant was small but you live and learn.

Should I trim the yellow leaves or just leave them?

Once the Autos are finished the photo will go back into the tent. I don't have a Ph meter but i went on the safe side and have just added a very tiny dose of epsom salts and sprayed the photo as a foliar. Hopefully this helps.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I have also moved the Photo into it's final 30L Fabric Pot. so hopefully it will have a bit more boost from the fresh soil added.
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with regards to nutes, will giving Auto B bloom nutes again help it fill the buds out or is it too late since I started giving them nothing but plain water 1-2 weeks ago?
bumpybump! It's watering day, should I go back to feeding nutes?

The jury was out for lunch, so had to decide myself! Nutes fed again today, hopefully Auto B putes that energy to good use and puts more oomph into developing those beautiful buds.
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