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Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by Hippie hipper, Nov 10, 2017.

    Capt. Stickyfingers

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    The sad thing is, these noobs are serious. They actually think they know enough to jump online and call names and argue. Talking about tap roots on clones and seed plants having more shoots per node. I don't believe that guy even knows what a shoot is. Big mouthed noobs, fakers, and far left wing politics has ruined this site.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I feel exactly the same way!
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Ive always found clones, have a bigger yield vs seeds and also have a better immune system.

    If you do "Tissue Culture" you will NEVER have genetic drift.
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    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    You should clone what you want to keep. Clones don't degrade over time, they do yield a little less then a seed. Every time someone grows a seed they are taking a chance on what they're getting. Always growing seeds is more of a hobby grower with limited space kinda thing..
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    resinousflowers420 Well-Known Member

    not totally true,as you still have to make sure everything is 100% female.

    I prefer regs over fems.i started off just growing regs.then I went through a phase of just growing fems.now I grow both,but still prefer regs,for no other reason than I have SLIGHTLY less herm issues from regs.
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    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I very rarely get a hermie, and when I do, the trait usually disappears once they're cloned. Guess I've been lucky!
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Take a clone off one of those plants, I have seen mothers make fluffy buds, then you take its clones to flower and they are nice and hard.... not sure how that works.

    If your buying seeds arent you taking someone elses (salesmans) word that you getting a great strain?
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Same conditions? I admit I havent been past that in a long time. If a seed lady gives up the fluff...for me..99.9% of the time I cull the subsequent clones in the veg. Been awhile..but thats what I do. Iam too scared these days. I should investigate further I suppose. Like how alot of growers these days report that they get hermans from seed plants but subsequent cuts dont. If that's the case...i need to change up my practices a bit. Cus ive thrown away what looked like FIYAA because it hermaned a skosh. But again..i dont run many seeds these days.
    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    Just remember if a female plant from seed gets a small amount of male flowers on just the bottom of it, there's an extremely good chance it will grow out of it after taking cuttings. It might take a couple cycles of taking clones before it grows out of it though. Also pollen that come from the small amount of bottom nanners/flowers tend to be pretty stable sexually.
    Now if a female plant throws out male flowers through the middle and top of the plant, and they come out of the buds too, it's a lost cause. It won't grow out of it and all seeds you get from the pollen will be garbage.
    On a side note: Some nanners and full out male flowers on herms don't even have pollen. Most of the time they do, but sometimes they're sterile.
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    indicas4me Well-Known Member

    No im taking the breeders word and reputation,not a middle man which might have a forked tongue.Sort of like getting seeds from a salsman/seed bank not in breeder packs,no way to do business that way.

    freddfish Active Member

    Well hey, I admit it. I'm a noob.

    Now, we're discussing clones vs seedlings....what role DOES the tap-root play?

    Honest question.
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    since1991 Well-Known Member


    since1991 Well-Known Member

    You better be careful asking questions like this on this forum. It is rife with noobs and third grow pros who like to think they know about botany and how plants really work but they dont. There is no talking real deal shit with these types on here. And I feel sorry for the truly new and inquisitive potential growers here who listen to the bullshit from the rookies and third grow pros who havent got a clue. I can spot them within 2 sentences of there bullshit posts.
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    freddfish Active Member

    Well....I guess there's always google.
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    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    Damn Millennial armchair internet pros ! :cuss::dunce::fire::lol::bigjoint: lol
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Regardless of Seed Vs Clone on the rooting system. Tap Root?? No Tap Root ? With a "Good Clone" or Seed Plant, in a 20 Gallon container, and a 1000w Hortilux, Either plant is " Completely" root bound by the time its finished.

    I start in 32oz cups with Promix BX for both Seeds, and Clones, and when its time to upgrade the pot size, both plants are completely using all the soil, and both will hold together during transplanting. So I don't really see any difference. And the clones roots also race to the bottom of the cups, and if you think about it, when you get the multiple little bumps that form, that eventually turn to roots, in reality there are more root sites ( For lack of a better word ) coming off the stem, vs just 1 tap root.

    But Im no Botanist, so I cant make a scientific argument. But by observation, and experience, I see 0 difference on a healthy clone root system, vs a seed plant. And technically, the Immune System, of a healthy clone, is older than a seedling/seed plant, if you keep starting over each time.

    Ive found clones to grow as fast, or faster, produce just as much, if not more, and use as much, if not more water, which is usually a good indicator of what the plants up to.

    I/we usually pheno hunt for a good mother. Ill/We get many packs of 1 strain of seeds. Usually enough to go through at least 20 females, taking into account Males, Mutants, and Slow Growers ect. 20 "Good Looking" Females in Veg. Fast growing, and using a lot of water are 2 things I look for. Sometimes we'll make F2s, as Ill/we need 100 seedlings to find 20 good females. We went through 200 Females to find our Mr Nice Super Silver Haze Mother, of which weve had now for over 3 years, but are now in the process of a serious upgrade. I have 2 other buddies that also pheno hunt from the same strains, and then find the best mother, and we share, and have been doing this since the 80s. I got side tracked by the feds for 13 years.

    I also agree that if I could get the Real Deal COOT Blue Orca Clone from 84, and COOTs 91 NL5 x Haze Male, I could stop pheno hunting.

    Or hows about the

    Clone Only 80s Pacific North West Hash Plant cut ???

    Clone Only 1985 NL5 ???

    Clone Only 1984 THE ONE ???

    Clone Only 1985 Road Kill Skunk??

    84 Blue Orca Clone Only???

    Yep. Id be done looking, if I could chase down those cuts.

    Id easily pay $500 for each cut. Probably more, if they were real.
    The Ganja Garage

    The Ganja Garage Member

    Fem seeds are generally the same pheno so terp levels are similar but regular seeds that are female can potentially inherit better phenos compared to their feminized counter parts. Feminized seeds are also less stable than regular seeds but I've had times where I was 9/10 then followed with 1/10 lol. I personally prefer regular seeds because I clone for other medical patients so I normally only need 1 of those seeds to be female but it's always nice knowing you're going to have a girl.
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Actually fems dont right (not many) actually gives a more uniform consistent phenotype batch. I still dont like em.
    The Ganja Garage

    The Ganja Garage Member

    If that's the case thanks for correcting my wrong! Can't justify spending $200+ on FOTM unstable feminized seeds. :'(
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    What makes feminized seeds less stable? If you have two cuttings, treat one with collodial silver, use that pollen to seed the other plant those seeds wouldn't be stable?

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