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    Hopefully here we will be able to post answers to some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the laws as they stand in the state of maine... Please feel free to add whatever you feel is pertinent...

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    I'm confused.....I was just looking over "An Act to Amend the Maine Medical Use of marijuana Act To Protect Patient Privacy" at http://www.mainelegislature.org/legi...s/HP095101.asp About 1/4 way down under

    "2. Primary Caregiver"
    "H. For the purpose of disposing of excess prepared marijuana, receive reasonable compensation for the transfer of marijuana to a registered dispensary or primary caregiver"

    And I don’t see ANYWHERE in the “Medical Use of marijuana Program – Overview of 9/28/11 Changes” at http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/dlrs/mmm/a...m-Bulletin.pdf anything that says you can or can not sell overages to dispensary’s or other caregivers. The first one says you CAN “receive reasonable compensation” for the “transfer” of MMJ to a registered dispensary or caregiver.
    Can anyone please tell me where it says flat out you can NOT sell to dispensarys or caregivers? I keep looking but I can't see anything.

    Thanks in Advance!

    I believe you have made the same mistake many of us have. The state still has a link to a work in progress; the law was amended after that version. Look for a pdf called Public Law 407. <edit: added tet's reply>
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    Yay, a FAQ! Now we can be all snarky and say "Read the FAQ!"

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    H. For the purpose of disposing of excess prepared marijuana, transfer marijuana to a registered dispensary or another primary caregiver if nothing of value is received.

    I believe any area where they mention compensation they are pretty good about including the "designated caregiver" status with it.

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    :wink: thats pretty funny.

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    I find it funny that this post is only 5 days old and the links posted above no longer go to anything. Did the state take them down? What are they following along with are online conversations and covering their tracks.

    Could someone please post in order, the names of each law. (a list of all the laws would greatly help all the Maine patients and is probably the most important thing to have here in this sticky)

    For example I have IB000201.pdf and SP071902.pdf what ones if any am I missing? I wish the state had a page with links to all the laws pertaining to Maine's MMJ laws in order and a complete listing. Followed by all the pertinent downloadable documents. Or is this asking to much of our state rep's ???

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    The link doesn't work (I checked too) because I put the original post in another area & they brought it over to the new FAQ, and whole link didn't transfer. Here is the first link :http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/bills/bills_125th/billtexts/HP095101.asp and here's the second:http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/dlrs/mmm/application-material/Program-Bulletin.pdf.
    I'm not sure what you mean by names of each law. but you should be good with these. Also on http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/dlrs/mmm/ down by the bottom you can download Public Law 2011, Chapter 407 , you can also download other documents that pertain to MMJ. Hope this helps

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    Since a new legislative session is about to start i'd guess that they did, in fact, update the pages to reflect the current, rather than the past, session.

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    I am not an RIU mod, but I am just going to say this as someone who's been around long enough to say something like this.

    If you are new to medical marijuana, and certainly if you are new to RIU, please don't come into this forum within days of joining and asking where you can find meds. No one here is really that stupid. Hang around a while, get to know some folks. Get to know how things are supposed to work. We do want to build a commuity here where we can all benefit but no one is going to take unnecessary risks.

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    if a patient chooses not to register with the state, do I still have them fill this out as their caregiver and just hold it?? file it?

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    Yes. You and patient sign and retain copies of the agreement. You fill out a caregiver app for the state. Patient retains doc cert but you do not need/get a copy of that.

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    and just hold on to it if the MDEA shows up? seems a little backwards to me. also I thought you dont need to have a copy of Dr. cert, as long as you see it? and if the time comes, prove it?

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    Correct, you have agreement in case LEO wants to see it. I believe that is what I said about the doc cert..patient has it, you don't need/get a copy. Right, if there is a question it gets proven.

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    you did say I dont need Dr cert. Sorry and thanks brother

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    your patient doesn't need a copy of the caregiver designation form, the copy you have is his and you must return it/destroy it upon request.....

    I like to have a copy of my patients rec but am fine if they say no.....

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    Ok I'm not sure if the law gets that specific or not, about who must have a copy. However, since both parties sign the agreement it seems to me that both should get copies (if not originals). One should be entitled to a copy of something one signs and agrees to.

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