Fan blowing air at drying buds?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Asd01, Nov 25, 2018.


    Asd01 New Member

    So I had a small fan blowing air directly to the drying buds for one day. Now its just circulating the air in the room. Am I good like this? Is this one day going to affect something?
    Thanks for the help!
    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    you should be ok ? do you have a hygrometer in the room?

    bearded.beaver Well-Known Member

    Do you have your whole plant hanging or do you have your buds cut off in a drying rack?
    I like to hang the whole plant the leaves and stocks help the plant dry slower. And you should try for about 60% humidity if you have the option environmental control. And try to have the fan not blow directly on them.

    You should be fine if it was your first day. You could also put you fan on a timer 15 minutes on 15 off or what ever to help conto your humidity

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