[F] Week 8 Day 3 - When to start flushing?

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    Corbett96 Member

    First I'm sorry if in wrong section.

    I'm new to here and first time grower.

    I'm growing indoors cupboard setup, I'm not 100% Super when to start flushing.

    They had Nitrogen Definitely and nutrient burn but was solved.

    Strain: Trainwreck Feminised
    Light: 600w HPS
    Pot Sizes: 1x 9L / 2x 1L
    Soil: Biobizz Allmix
    AVS: Big Bud (Done)
    Nutes: Acti-Vera, Bio-Heaven, Top-Max, Bio - Bloom, Bio - Grow

    About 3-4 days ago the plant on the left was pointing straight and today I was leaning to the side, so I'm guessing buds are getting fatter as they feel harder, bigger and more orange hairs.

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    leather lungs

    leather lungs Well-Known Member

    You still have 10days or more. Flushing is a myth. Bud looks nice. Enjoy and make sure you dry and cure correctly that is where you must be diligent.
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    Corbett96 Member

    Flushing is a myth? Though it gets all the Nutes out water?


    nmibud Well-Known Member

    A properly fed plant needs no flushing!You can back off a little,but the last couple weeks is where all the swelling occurs.Organic is the way to grow for the best results.
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    Corbett96 Member

    in this last week the buds has exploded 10x i stoped nutes just dont know when to harvest at looking good now but just seeing when the best time is.

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