Ever smoked hemp?

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    I smoked the hemp flower. It's a good placebo, good feel. Don't get exactly stoned, but i can feel it. I did fail my at home drug test. So >.3% THC hemp flower will still fail a drug test. Good hemp flower nug at least. I can definitely feel it after a coupe bong rips, that's cool. But no go for a drug test. Will try 1000mg CBD vape juice next, dabbing and vape. See how that feels and if it passes a drug test. Hope that job still ain't available. lol.
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    Ford442 what do think of this idea
    The fact of the matter is, there is no conclusive evidence that nicotine causes any type of cancer. Information from a Lung Health Study indicates that, although smoking is directly linked to cancer formation, the same can’t be said about nicotine if thats the case why not add nicotine to a hemp based cigarette. im talking industrial hemp very little THC in it but it does have lots of CBD in it and its one of the cancer cures and it would tast better then tobacco.

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    Ive smoked hemp, the "headache" to me reminded me of the first time I smoked a Stogey. Ill stick to real flower.
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    i git my hemp from a friend how now lives in silvenia. he grows a strain called KC-Dora it tastes good.
    its low in THC 1.2 percent CBD 6.7 percent. i really dont git a high from it.. but it does help with pain.

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    There was a time when you could find Hemp growing on the side of the Highways in some states.
    Yes, I'm OLD!
    Once in Nebraska found some. AKA Nebraska No High.
    My friend said, just keep driving. Not worth stopping.
    Told me it will give you a headache.:roll:
    Wasn't interested in a headache. LOL

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    i know this is an old thread and i dont want to make a new one. ive been looking online and seeing cbd flowers for sale advertised as 50 state legal and in compliance with agricultural act of 2014.

    im interested in cbd and can buy 99.99% isolate, shatter, crumble, edibles, tincture and etc locally and do use these products from time to time. There are an handful of cbd strains that im seeing, special sauce, cherry wine, and a couple others i cant recall off the top of my head. has anyone tried these? they seem to go for $30-$40 per 8th of flower which seems like a lot to me but everything ive seen says they are pretty much loaded with seeds which im sure i could grow in my garden.

    that brings me to another question, what exactly is it about hemp that gives you a headache? im sure cutting a nug off a plant on the side of the road would be terrible but how would a well grown hemp flower smoke after a proper harvest dry and cure? it would be nice to be able to smoke several joints throughout the day while getting the cbd benefits without being stoned all day lol.

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    This did lead to something that looks like real and smokable looking hemp buds. :)

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