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    Hey everyone. So my very first grow went well. I opted for auto strains King Kush, White Widow and Kandy Kush. I've tried them all and while they all certainly offer a very physical and relaxing high which is perfect for my winding down stash, I was hoping you guys could help recommend something that offers mobility :o) I've tried smoking less and the result is slightly decreased but regardless which strain I try, I end up locked down watching re-runs of history channel's greatest tank battle episodes haha.

    I'd like to have something I could enjoy in the mornings what would offer somewhat of an energetic and slightly euphoric effect. I've read that sativa dominant strains lean that way and have gone through a lot of strain reviews.

    So far I've come up with C99 and Durban Poison. I'm currently growing some citrus berry photos from exotic genetics which is indica dominant so I have a feeling that it too will be reserved for the evenings but I'd like to lock down my plan for my next grow and figured I'd as for some help finding a better morning option.

    Thanks in advance!

    RM3 Well-Known Member

    C99 & Durban Poison are great, I've bred with both of em

    Headband is another good one

    and pretty much most of my gear, my Thunder Express is like doin cocaine 8)
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    slow_grow Well-Known Member

    Good deal man, I'll check out headband for sure. How are your beans offered? I've checked out your journal, profile, etc. and looks like you have some killer things going on but it isn't clear how to actually acquire any of your gear. The closest I've seen is you mentioning "you wont find my seeds in any seed bank" haha. Is there some type of momentum build-up you're going for before you go public with your offering or something?

    Smokenpassout Well-Known Member

    NIrvana Bubblicious.
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    Seedman06 Member

    Think different made me want to get up and do things. Couldn't sit still after smoking it. Very motivating

    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    Green Crack, G13 haze and Blueberry Headband are my go to day time strains.. kushes in the evening...

    Nade Member

    I've taken a liking to Mind'cantrol (G13 crossed with New York Diesel from memory) My head is exploding with ideas and motivation is at a 'high:shock:' and yet I'm calm and not in a rush. Still getting lots done....but eat...munchies all the time...LOL.
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