Eliminating air pump...waterfall, venturi, or dont?

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    I want to eliminate the need for the air pumps in my dwc/Bubbleponics set up.

    Currently experiencing problems with low oxygen.

    I currently have 15x5 gallon buckets connected to a reservoir. Using 1/2" tubing for return.

    What do you guys suggest?

    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    Going to a waterfall or Venturi is going to take a powerful pump. You'd be running an Under Current. The concept is that you create dissolved oxygen with a waterfall or Venturi, and the powerful pump creates enough current to get the DO to the center of the roots. To determine how powerful the pump needs to be, take the total number of gallons you'll have, and multiply it by 12. That means that you'd be circulating the total gallons 12 times an hour.

    However, with that many buckets, it's not going to work efficiently. All the buckets are going to cause the flow to decrease, and when the flow gets to the last buckets, it may not have enough force to get DO to center if the roots. Unless you have a really powerful pump to compensate. But that causes problems in itself, with heat. You should also use at least 2" pipes for the manifolds and bucket connecting pipes, and with how many buckets you have, you'd probably want to go up to 3" or even 4" pipes.

    The are a few solutions you might think about
    • Split up your buckets and use multiple pumps. You can use multiple controller reservoirs, or even a single large one, like a 55-gallon barrel
    • Use larger containers than buckets. A common, and recommended, tote us the 27-gallon HDX tote, with the yellow lids. These are super strong and quite cheap. A lot of people, including myself, have two plants per tote. A huge advantage is the increased amount of water you have, in the same space two buckets would take up.
    There are lots of RDWC and Under Current threads. You can also check out mine in the 2017 Grow link below. I started with buckets and changed to the totes through the advice of others on RIU.

    Have fun brainstorming LOL! :razz:

    GotADAB305 Member

    That's some good info. Much appreciated.

    Here is a pic of the room. I have a large 47 gallon tote in the middle. And have 3 different "sets" of buckets (6, 6, 3 gonna add 3 more).

    My system is holding about 70 gallons.

    My other option is going with a better air pump. But funds have dried up and like you said I'm brainstorming to find the best solution.

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    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I use a 70lpm commercial pump, and it works really well, and is pretty inexpensive. There's also a 112lpm pump that you might want to check out. Having a fan blow on the pumps will really help keep them cool.
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    I brainstormed mine to have completely (as mush as possible)

    To have 0 dead spots and equal flow to all chambers
    After the 3rd design im happy

    Ensuring eqaul delivery of nutes and o2

    I can run without stones but i dtill use them cause i can lol

    But my next menicus nft setup will not require air pumps at all

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