Eliminated Root Aphid Infestation

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by sourgummy, Jan 18, 2018.


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    Nuke these mother f'ers with beneficial nematodes at first sight. Wow they are amazing these nematodes. Saved my grow after I already had to cut and clone my last grow due to these f'ers. Last grow just came to a hault and new growth was real twisted, if there was any new growth. Also introduced predatory mites of different species bought from amazon. Wow I will never go back to neem oil or any sprays. I run organic other than rooting hormone, and this combo right now is way better than anything. Takes a week to see control of aphids repopulating in soil, but at two weeks growth is looking great again. No way growth would resume unless those shitbags were dying off. They make spider mites look like little pussies. Ill take spider mites over these asshole root aphids anyday. Figured out these came in the worm castings. Just spend what you'd spend on sprays and use it on beneficials. I don't have to mix any sprays up anymore now too, nice and convenient. Super important to try and apply as prevention if you can. Luckily I did a little bit and then found out about the worm castings, and then proceeded to nuke them. I had some pots without plants in them yet, and those aphids were really populating in there. Now this morning a week later they are not increasing in numbers visibly anymore as of now, and they were moving super slow which is not normal from what they'v been doing.

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