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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys!

    I was going over the manual for my light controller and it mentioned how the outlets on it are universal with 120v/240v plugs. My ballasts are all digital so the only thing I'd really need are 240v cords for them. However, I thought that in order for me to use 240v cords I would have to have the light controller itself wired for 240v as well no?

    It's a 30A 4 light controller that has an input for either a 120v or 240v power source. I currently have it connected via a 120v 30A RV cable, since the controller is wired for 120v I of course have the ballasts running at 120v.

    However, the way the manual was written is kind of confusing upon re-reading it. Although the outlet plugs on my controller are universal, that doesn't mean I can plug a 240v ballast into it because it's on a 120v cable correct? I was always under the impression that I'd need to change my RV hook up to 240v in order to run ballasts at 240v correct? The way the instructions are written almost make it seem like the ballast can at either 120v/240v but there's no way that's correct/safe right?

    I know it's a stupid question.. but I couldn't find any information on google or anywhere else. I am of course erring on the side of caution and not buying 240v cords of course.. but I'm curious to know if it's possible for me to run my ballasts at 240v despite the light controller being wired at 120v.

    The reason for my curiosity is because I currently run 4 600w lights on the 30A controller as I figured I was limited to 120v ballasts since my controller is wired at 120v also right. But I've been eying DE HPS lights lately as I really want to use them, but they only come in 1000w connections and there's no way I could run 4 of them on 30A at 120v unless the controller was somehow able to allow it.

    Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated as I'm rather confused.

    droopy107 Well-Known Member

    If your controller is wired for 120V you ca't get 240V out. I wouldn't want to venture a guess at what you would need to do to wire up to 240V without looking at the wiring diagram for the controller, but I'm sure its possible to do it as long as the controller is capable.

    Some ballasts will run either 120V or 240V without changing anything other than the input voltage. Others have a switch and may possibly need a new cord. Again, I wouldn't just make a guess on yours without having the manual.

    Either way, You would need to do some work in the breaker box to move up to 240V, if you're currently wired for 120V.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply, I had a feeling this was the case but I just wanted to be certain. I did some more digging and discovered they do in fact make DE 600w fixtures now so I'll likely go with that instead until I'm able to afford an electrician.

    Thanks again.

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