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    you can extract into oil in a large pot with a lid on and the stovetop fan on. It only kinda smells and doesnt really make it out of the doors or windows. Just be mindful. Maybe do some spring cleaning too. If you want to decarb the oil after extraction, you can do that too. But remember oil holds heat better than water so the temp of the oil can get kinda hot. A thermometer is good. I will let it get to 260F for 20-30 minutes.

    you will see the oil bubble some, that is the carboxyl breaking down into co2 and H2o i think

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    Stop overthinking!!! I've made cannabutter for over 20 years , slow cooker , water , couple blocks of butter, leaf, bud, stems ,get it in pot ( wet or dry ) . Medium setting for 3 hrs, strain & squeeze out threw cheese cloth , careful its hot ! . Leave in fridge overnight,strain water off, use butter as indicated in recipe for muffins ect = as good as it gets :)
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    Yea, but I don't want to go that way. Thanks anyway.

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    I'm new but here's my 2 cents... I decarb before making cannabutter. I noticed a considerably different high when decarbing for my edibles vs not.

    To cut the smell I use a trager smoker outdoors. The applewood smoker pellets cover the smell of the mj while it's cookin'. But a trager can be used just like an oven. I've used my bbq grill but it still smelled. So far the smoker wins and no, the bud doesn't taste like applewood when it's done.

    No stinkin up or heating up my house either!
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    I've been experimenting with decarbs for a few years. And for me it's better with the decarb, much better if you ask me. I've used the same bud for multiple batches and the decarbed batch is always always better. I decarb at 300F for 15 minutes. Nice and quick. Temp is very important, I don't know how controlled that pellet stove is. I tried it in a toaster oven with temp control and it was impossible to get it to stay at the right temp.
    And I cover the tray with foil and have a good seal to help with the stink. It helps a bit but it's still pretty strong. Try it out and don't forget the lecithin when you make the oil or butter.
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    If you make cannabutter with water, weed & butter it won't smell at all during or afterwards. Baking in the oven will create a smell.
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    Yes, making cannabutter does have a smell as it cooks. And yes, so does decarbing cannabis in the oven. The point is your edibles will be much stronger if you decarb, and you can always air out your house. I can decarb and infuse cannabutter until late in the evening, leave the windows open overnight, and wake up to no smell in the morning.

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    First of all invest in two fans. 1 to put just about 2 ft outside the entry into kitchen and if you have another area the smell travels use other fan to blow out another window. I do this and have a renter in my basement suite and their place never smells, even during decarbing. Also, I hope you are decarbing your weed before use as you will get the stronger product to work with. I decarb always as when you have bud or shake its on THC-A form decarbing it changes it to just THC which gets you high or body stone depending, I put the oven on 215 F and slowly decarb the bud ( you do want to trim it down into a shake, this allows you to decarb all sides of the smaller pieces. I grind mine in an adjustable coffee grinder and put on the most course grind and tap it 2 maybe 3 times. Then take parchment paper. Line a metal baking pan with it. Spread your medium ground weed on pan evenly, then I check after 10 mins, then quickly every 5 mins. What you want is your weed to be just lightly nutty brown. Time can vary depending on how "wet", " sticky" "dry" and "strain". Once just turning nutty brown pull out of the oven. SLOWER IS BETTER SO TAKE YOUR TIME) NOW, to make your butter, #1 never add water to your butter, NEVER EVER. (I've never tried any that was made with water with the butter or the water & crockpot method that was worth even using that's how poor quality it was and a friend lost about 400.00 of chemo strain and had to use what they made into edibles. So when you melt your butter or clarified butter (its about 12.00 a jar but I mix with regular butter as well. But it boosts the strength of my butter as well as soy letchin(can find in any whole foods or try a cooking store, it also boosts your butter, just need a teaspoon & its cheap)) you want to keep the temp low. I use the #2 setting on the stovetop. You just want to see tiny bubbles around the edges. Then take your decarbed weed and add to your butter. Get a stool and music lol and sit down for about 1.5-2.0 hrs to stir.
    I know there is some concern about some people are getting lighter colored butter, I found that this last batch was 1.75 oz in 1&3/4 lb butter. (I like to make capsules sized 00 you can order cheap from pharmacy. About 7.00 for 500 caps. I use for medicine) if you want to fill a bunch of capsules fast and the tops (only 3/4 full or cant get caps together.) I took a scrap piece of wood and a drill bit the same size as my capsules and drilled like 100 holes. 50 for bottom half 50 for the tops of caps. Then I take a syringe, you can get at the pharmacy for giving kids meds. I melt it slowly in a hot cup of water then fill my caps. I can do 50 in like 15 mins. Then after you filled them all, throw in fridge or freezer for 5 mins to let them set up some then it takes just 5 mins to put them together. So 50 caps, I take 3 a day. It lasts awhile and anything I may have dripped over lands on the board and I can scrape it clean after a while. Please, I realize everyone does what works best so dont shoot the messenger as this way of doing it has never failed me not one time. Also, if your caps look bright green and not dark green be careful as it doesn't always mean the darker the better. I used 3 different strains on my batch i just made and 1st time came out lighter green but potency is in the "are my eyes melting" range lol. I noticed that all 3 indica strains and bud i used were all lighter in color than some others ive had. To be honest i like the lighter green better, yes higher odor but less taste but i deffo didnt loose out on strength, so dont stress, if you did everything correctly, it should be fine, fyi i licked the spoon about half of what i usuallydo when making and i had to have a friend make me up somecaps for the night, i couldntfeel my eyes and yes, im very careful nottoo as im allergic to the plant hence why dont smoke it andcaps/butterlasts me longer than baking with it. But i use the dank in brownies, the brand with highest amountof oil called for as i have coco infused oil to, better for baking but save those dank balls,there is still alot of oil in it,so much so, i laugh when she said he/she puked from vapors. I did that after taking 2caps of what i just made the other day and 1&1/2 brownies i made from dank and i was on my face, thank the anti motion sickness over thecounter med,it will help but use with caution as mj repressess your breathing slightly, so i take zero reaposibility for that mention of gravol is what we have hear and can get in childrens strength. Cheers, i hope some of this helped ppl..ive been making my own butter for about 4 yrs, i havebeen helping out pharmaciesas it will be available soon and hopefully ins will cover if med

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    When I made cannabutter there was a mild smell of weed coming directly from the saucepan but it didn't stink up the room at all. The type of smell that is pretty much immediately gone when you're done making it.
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