Edible effecting smoking negatively week after

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    Hey I'm new here, I'm posting because since a negative edible experience, smoking will bring me anxiety instead of stress relief. I've been smoking for nearly 5 years straight mostly the strongest stuff i can find and have had no negative effects.. but ever since that edible i've been gettting paranoid.

    Started a week ago I had a weaker batch of bud i did not like the smell of (who knows what was in it, [maybe pesticides], etc.). it still worked so i decided to make clarified cannabutter.

    I've tried edibles before and they've only put me to sleep. Nothing like my psychedelic experiences with shrooms, acid.. Nibbling on the butter throughout the day wasn't feeling much, and come bed time i start tripping. I liken the experience to once that i had shrooms and wanted to sleep but was forced to trip. Except the mushrooms didn't give me that terrible head pressure. Pure paranoia anxiety, while having no feelings i could relate to smoking marijuana.

    I weigh 135ish It's been a week and I've felt slightly hungover ever since. Kind of like strung out feeling and I have trouble sleeping.

    Has anybody experienced anything like this??? Smoking is my only stress relief, I've never had anxiety issues so this fucking sucks. I even had to stop drinking coffee becuase it puts me on edge.


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    Plants are great teachers. When you abuse them, they will teach you another lesson.
    Take a few days tolerance break, then try much milder flower, it works just as well as the good stuff, once your body sets its calibration to the new norm.

    I've done lots of different psychedelics. When weed hits you just right, it is one of the most trippy things out there.
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    It could be the strain causing anxiety, bs going on in your life or both. I suffer from anxiety all my life and find microdosing is the way to go. If i get too high i can trigger a bad attack. Or it depends on strain
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    Anxiety is a bitch but many ways to deal with it. Force yourself to get some daily exercise and eat healthy. Practice yoga or meditation. A visit to your doctor to discuss medication may be a good idea. I had a similar experience with an over powerful edible horror show and it was a good week before cannabis was the same, so give it some time and try some new stuff in the mean time.
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    Hopefully your feeling much better by now. I wonder if cbd could help you or someone reading this. I would try some cbd drops for a few weeks and cut back on the herb.
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    Literally no one believes it's something in the weed.. Its something in the weed dude. Legal grows are fucking disgusting behind the scenes.

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