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    Sapphyre Active Member

    One of my Lemon Berry Sherbert girls decided yesterday to push out a whole boatload of nannas :(

    Seed was a gift from a buddy and her mom was a light herm, so I've just been super careful to keep an eye on her. She's been happy but apparently not enough.

    So down she came. It was way late by the time I finished checking every plant and moving some around...so I just hung her in the dry room and went to bed.

    Pix are from this morning, I grabbed a couple of pieces from just below the top and a little bud I pulled off the middle. (Middle plant bud is the first trick pic with the pistil, top bud
    is the next)

    Bud pic was just before I chopped her....I see at least 4 nannas just in this pic :(
    At first I thought I'd just cut the nannas out and watch her....but when I got to looking, there were more than 2-3 :(. Too great a risk for the rest of the room :/

    A sativa dominant hybrid at about 40 days in.
    IMG_7400.PNG IMG_7394.JPG IMG_7398.JPG IMG_7399.JPG
    Would you even go to the trouble of curing her?
    Most of the trichs have well formed heads but I'm not seeing much cloudiness (which is not exactly a surprise)

    Oh and a pic of one of the nannas under the scope. Because I'm a dork lmao
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    lee1000 Active Member

    50/50 cloudy and transparent. If it were me, I would just make some bubble hash from that plant. Save the good ones for a more tasty smoke. You know, if you are careful, you can pluck those nana's right outta there and carry on with the grow for future reference.
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    Sapphyre Active Member

    Thank for the tip- but...in 24 hours, there were 30+, out of the blue (on a 4' plant). I saw a few easily, and when I went in to pull them out, there were tiny ones just starting to form - everywhere! No new stress, no changes, and the others of the same strain were fine?
    So that one, I knocked down. I have had a few others that pushed a few, they got moved to the smaller flower room and I just keep plucking as needed. And....oh yeah, popped some beans w better genes for the next round ;)

    I decided that fell into the 'better safe than seedy' category lol too many happy ladies around to deal w that kind of a problem child ;)

    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    I would just freeze it and make hash.
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    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    Concentrate like rso hash etc.
    Or cure until rest of the ladies are ready and mix in. Depends what you use your grow for smoke or cash.
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    Zephyrs Well-Known Member

    Let it hang dry. Pluck the lil yellow peckers off and either smoke that shit, make hash or if ya have enough make some edibles!! It looks mature enough to consume with some benefit I guess is what I trying to say.
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