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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by st0wandgrow, Jan 16, 2015.


    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Figured I'd start a thread for Dynasty. Anyone who has grown their gear please feel free to chime in with comments, advice, or pics.

    This is my first go around with them. I soaked a 10 pack of Caramel Candy Kush, 9 sprouted, 6 of which are female. I also germinated a 3-pack of Huckleberry Kush x Spacequeen and all 3 are up.

    CCK were moved to flower on 12/20:

    image.jpg image.jpg

    HK x SQ were dropped in the shot glass on 1/7:


    Joedank Well-Known Member

    looking at the BLUNIVERSE for this year cuz of @biscuitkid his plants looked NICE!!
    good idea for a thread +REP :)

    lmoore2680 Well-Known Member

    Looks good stow

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    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    Watching this shit!
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    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Yeah that Bluniverse looks good. That one and Pineapple Fields are on the wish list for sure
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    coppershot Well-Known Member

    I got some Huckleberry Kush only grew out 1 or 2 but they were males. it was a while ago but I recall them growing they grew with vigor and had a slight sweet odor. never went back to them but I really want to. I will be following along on this one.

    COGrown Well-Known Member

    I have done the ms. Universe, caramel cough, and crater lake v.4. all were very good to me. I've got some of the blue Magoo bx2 and cherry vanilla skunk as well, but haven't gotten to them yet.
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    D_Urbmon Well-Known Member

    How big are the pots for your CCK ladies St0w?

    I'm loaded up on Dynasty for 2015. Got doubles of the Des*Tar, CCK and Pineapple Diesel. I'll likely grab the rest of the lineup from Sannie's. The price is right. Can't wait to pop a bunch of these. I'll post some pics along the way fo sho.


    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Cherry Vanilla Skunk? Was that a limited release or something? I've never heard of that one before....but it sounds delicious.

    These are 2 gallon pots. I start everything from seed in a small container. If I like it it gets a 7 gal container grown from clone.

    Yeah you've got a nice assortment of Dynasty gear. Looking forward to your thoughts and some pics...
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    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    I really like Dynasty Genetics strains. You will be very happy with there CCK, cant wait till its restocked. Cant beat the prices either. He is on par with ESKO, Bodhi, Gage Green. I am going to be doing a run this upcoming yer with mostly his strains. Dos anyone know when his CCK wil be bck at sannie's?

    astronomikl Well-Known Member

    I just purchased some Ms Universe because I wanted to try his gear.... I had been seeing a lot of good things about Prof P and after seeing his posts I was convinced. How is the ms universe?

    undercovergrow Well-Known Member

    i've grown the CCK and it is some awesome gear. i've been waiting to order some more too as it helps with pain

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    I've got a pack of the Ms U that I've been sitting on for a while. They use this strain in several of their crosses so I've been saving them thinking I might find a good male to do some pollen chucking with.
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    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    NGR has caramel candy Kush in stock right now. You can use a credit card with them, American company, $40 for the pack (which includes shipping), and you'll have the seeds within a week.

    D_Urbmon Well-Known Member

    I have no clue which I'll pop first. I really really want to get to the Des*Tar Bx and Ms Universe but it'll likely be the CCK first.

    I want to grow it along side a couple other Bubba crosses I have and compare them all for fun. A Bodhi Bubba(Jabba's Stash) and a Greenpoint Bubba x Monster Cookies.

    COGrown Well-Known Member

    The CVS was a NGR freebie. It's some elite florida skunk cut crossed with the Ms. Universe.
    Not a lot of info about it, what I was able to figure out I got from Opengrow.

    The vanilla and caramel scents seem to be very common with ms. universe and her crosses, I found a couple strongly caramel ms u females and my Caramel Cough definitely had those notes to it as well.
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    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    I love the vanilla aromas! Was thrilled to stumble upon that with the one white lotus.

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Ha! We're rockin the same plan. I just wrapped up 2 other Bubba crosses (SSDD and Peyote Purple) along with the CCK in flower now. I've been wanting some Bubba in my garden for a while now.
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    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    In your experience how does the Dynasty gear you've run stack up against Bodhi?

    B's genetics have set the bar pretty high for me.
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    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member


    Dynasty Drizella from a couple of years ago. Looks like it's discontinued...I still have 6 or 7. Also have Soliloqueen [ Space Queen x Des*Tar ] but can't get to them

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