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    Here's the skinny

    Three five gal rezzes, 400watt hps, Ph between 5.5 and 6, air temp 74-68 water temp constant 64. Using dynagrow Grow nutrients recommended by local hydro store at recommended strength, 7-9-5. 12"long airstones in each rez bubbles aplenty. Good ventilation and air movement. Been about four weeks now and only 6" tall, but with three opposing leaf sets and two inch shoots from nodes. Stems r 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Definitely growing but seems slow to me. Using tap water, maybe chlorine? Any way to dissipate chlorine from water? Roots healthy, change water and clean rez twice a week no algae or slime. Water level just touching bottom of pots.

    New to playing in water so be gentle. Getting digital Ph meter today. Light is three feet above plants in grow cabinet. Any suggestions and ideas welcome.

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    Not a hydro pro but I will try and help. Well first a ph meter is pretty important, you using ph strips right now? I kinda had issue like u when first starting also. Do you use something to cover media? I use netpot covers it seems to keep the media from completely drying out. Do you have roots sticking out the bottom of netpot yet?

    Like I said I used to this have kinda issue also, I did 2 things. One I got the netpot covers and 2 I started putting a little submersible pump in the bottom of my buckets, run a line up and created a drip ring for my plants and I have not had the issue since. Matter of fact my veggers seem to grow almost as fast as the flower now.

    Here is what the little pump would look like.

    2layz2p Well-Known Member

    You can remove chlorine, just let the water sit out 24 hr or longer, I would go to the store and get RO water if you don't have a pH or EC device... to grow without them is like driving a car with a blindfold on, you may, or may not get where ur going...... but what will the car look like?
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    Roots are in the rez. Trying to avoid using pumps. I'm thinking that chlorine or choramine in the tap water is messing with nutrient uptake, I mean I can smell the chlorine in the tap water, can't be good right? Bubbling some water in a five gallon jug and will test Cl content. They look healthy just trying to speed growth to the Max possible. Can anyone offer insight into chlorine and its effects (affects?) on hydro growth?

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    Go with to water. You can get it for like 25¢ a calling at your local super market

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    Some pictures would be nice but I don't think the chlorine smell in your water is hurting you that much considering in my first couple grows I added bleach to my rez to keep it clean but have since gotten away from that unless it is needed. The chlorine should dissipate in about 24 hours and that water pump is not necessary unless it is being used to do rez changes. Starting out the first week of growth you will not need to have any nutes in the rez til the second week then you should be around 150-300 ppm. If you are using a small aquarium air pump I would recommend getting a commercial grade air pump for maximum DO (dissolved oxygen) bubbles in your rez. Healthy roots equals bigger healthier plants. You want to make sure that no light is getting into the rez. You say you change the rez twice a week. Leave it alone and let it be. I changed my rez once during veg and that was a week before I switched to flower and am now 5 weeks into flower and haven't changed it once. Invest $15 and get a mini pvc float valve and an exterior rez and it will replenish your grow rez with fresh water and nutes constantly and you won' have to slave to clean the rez so often. If you have roots in the water and are using rapid rooters or rockwool then you need to lower your water level to have about an inch or so gap between the pot and the water. Check out my current grow in my sig Round 3.

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    Really need some pics to make an assessment here. But I started out growing in DWC. So I'll chime in.

    First of all, don't worry about the chlorine unless you are trying to run beneficial bacteria. It will not hurt the plant but kills beneficials.

    Secondly, how do you know your ph is between 5.5 and 6 if you do not have a meter?

    Slow growth in DWC can usually be attributed to a few things:

    Root rot, extremely common in DWC and a pain in the ass to fix. Try more oxygenation of the water (flumeing would be the best technique) and adding some sterilization products like DM Zone, chlorine or h202 as a last resort.

    Bad PH. Self explanatory, usually you will see twisted leaves and slow growth.

    Something wrong with your feedings, ie deficiency or toxicity.

    get some pics up and I'll take a look at what you got.
    Oh high oh grown

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    Have air pump with dual outlets, not tiny but not huge. ordered Ph meter, obtained water filter. Using test strips to test Ph currently. Pics up soon.

    Started some in soil, some in rockwool. No apparent difference there. Roots of oldest plants are near a foot long. Some of them are younger and have not dropped roots thru to rez yet so I keep the level in their rez a little higher. Don't think light penetration is an issue painted rez black with five coats. Will dub check.
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    Went to local grocer, nothing less than. 99c a gallon. Where did u find it for a quarter?

    I now have two dual diaphragm pumps rated for 100 gallon use. Posting images soon.

    Also my mister bottle broke last week so I had not been misting, which I like to do early in the "day" to simulate dew. Got new bottle today so misting again
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    2012-01-16_17-00-23_746.jpg 2012-01-16_17-01-20_444.jpg

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    OK so as u can see I have plants of different ages here as well as some in soil. The largest ones are three to four weeks old. Lower fan leaves were blocking a lot of light so they got sliced, which seems to have stimulated growth at the nodes. I think they look healthy , am I just being impatient or are they smaller than they should be?

    Oh high oh grown

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    OK so there are three different age groups pictured. The most developed are about four wks old. The lower fan leaves were blocking each other and getting hand sized so they got clipped, which seems to have stimulated growth at the nodes. I think they look healthy but seems to me they should be a lot bigger by now. Am I just crazy, impatient, or are they a lot smaller than they should be? The babies in the middle just got transplanted and the others are about two wks old. The ones in soil are about four wks old so there is definitely a visible difference between the soil and hydro.

    Oh high oh grown

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    Oops sorry for repost

    BluBerry Well-Known Member

    They look healthy. The best thing you can do is leave them alone as long as your pH and ppm are fine and they are not burning. They will do what they need to do without being messed with all the time but I would put something over the hydroton to block light from getting into the rez. Post pics of your roots and inside the rez for further confirmation but I would not worry about anything and leave them alone and let em grow.
    Oh high oh grown

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    Roots are white and rezzes are clean, no slime or stink. Going to be covering tops of rezzes with foil (dull side up) to reflect light back up to lower nodes plus I figure it is a very easy material to shape around growing plants. I will be posting update soon.

    PPM : what device do I need to measure it? Again I am new to this so be nice. Ppm is the concentration of nutes right? Parts per million. I'm no bonehead just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. Don't want to waste my time and money!

    craigjarvis Member

    You need a TDS meter. I got one from my local hydro store for $20. It proved to me that brita tap filters dont do much. my water went from 150ppm to 105 with one.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    The only problem with this is that a lot of places seem to be going to chloramine which is nothing more than chlorine and ammonia combined but also it doesn't outgas like straight chlorine does, to remove chloramine use any filter that filters chlorine ( such as a hydrologic smallboy). It will remove the chlorine anyway and more than likely the ammonia if chloramine is used, as far as if this is whats causing your issue I don't have a clue. sounds like you're doing everything right.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    wait, you said you're getting a ph meter but in the same post you said the ph is set at 5.5 to 6.0, how are you knowing this?

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    dyna gro nutrients will drop ph heavily (I'm talking down to around 4) so unless you're setting ph after adding nutrients this could be a problem.

    BluBerry Well-Known Member

    I use a paper plate and cut it to the size of the netpot and cut a hole in the center with a slit to slide around the stem to cover the hydroton and then tape that down with shiny duct tape but that's cuz my lid is all shiny but as long as u can cover them to block light then u will be ok. U can get a TDS meter in store or online fairly cheap. Don't stress too much over ph and stuff til u get ur meters thrn u can dial it in and have a better understanding of what is going on in the rez. They look healthy just let em grow!

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