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    okay so ive been growing for years. and ive tried to get my set up to be as fast cheap and simple as possible. and still be somewhat organic.

    this method works for me. and has for many years.

    5 gal bucket. black (has to be dark to prevent algae)
    aquarium air pump and large air stone/ tubing
    net pot. can be anywhere from 3 to 12 inches. or a net pot lid, and something to fill it with hydroton or even washed gravel.

    for my set up.
    1/2 tsp per 5 gallon of great white shark or myco madness or any other myco product with bacteria

    without microbes your DWC bucket will probably lead to root rot. especially if temps are high

    per gallon, 5ml of flora nova bloom and 1ml of gh micro works for under 600W's of HID

    for over 600W's HID i suggest 7ml of flora nova bloom and 2ml of GH micro.
    you can use this from 4 weeks past seed to harvest.
    for seedlings use half or slightly less of the ratios.

    its a modified lucas method. https://growguru.co.za/hydroponics-using-lucas-formula/
    I use floranova due to the fact that its mostly organic and the microbes can live off it better than the chemical versions.

    you can how ever use the chem versions of the method, but you have to add something the bacteria can eat. some kind of compost tea like botanicare pure blend tea, and at 2-5ml per gallon.

    the main reason i use the micro and not just the floranova is because ive noticed that some strains of plants have a nitrogen deficiency with the normal method. especially with the maxibloom.

    I have to stress this.. nute ratios depend on watts used. and not what stage the plant is at.. other than when in seedling stage.
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    Nice little break down man.
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    Good to know, in going to be switching over to kiss/dwc.

    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    depending on lights/strain/grow time, i can get about a lb per plant and its pretty cheap too.
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    Hell yeah.

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    Hey HG, you a SAfer?
    Jypsy Dog

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    technically speaking the dwc becomes a tea.

    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    in which way are you referring?

    Ryry94 Well-Known Member

    I had GREAT results with flora nova bloom in dwc buckets, but noticed deficiencies when trying to grow some OG stains. Thanks for the tip on adding the micro!

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