Dwc beginner. Looking for advice/pointers

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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Definitely go for more water imo

    Drip rings are cool But after the roots hit water nt really needed
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    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    not sure if you answered this but couldnt find it, what is that air stone and those washers at the bottom of the buckets called or how was it made?
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    Tbudwilly Member

    You are right, I didn't set out to put a reservoir on it but it started drinking so much water on me that I was afraid it was going to run dry while I was away for several days at a time so I just made a basic integration....

    The setup with the black buckets in a full undercurrent system only designed for one plant. In this system I try to pull a pound a plant and it has done more than that.

    The waterfarm system in the smaller tent is usually good for 1/2lb
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    Tbudwilly Member

    This might help


    Copy and paste that into your browser

    They are called uni-seals. You can buy them on Amazon or at a hydro store. I bought them to fit the same size pvc that's in the high times article

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I think we've all been down this road.

    First we buy a bag of dirt and pots
    We screw that up.

    Then we all read the high times and built bubble buckets.....
    And we all found out how quick that water goes away once a root mass is in there :)

    Then we read the same high times and went low pressure aero nft in tubes.... we found the problems there

    Then we went back to dwc this time making it rdwc......

    Then we said fuck it im going flood and drain lmao

    Sorry im a little baked

    @Tbudwilly nice work
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    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    very good
    LOL but you are insanely correct. it seems its ALWAYS something. but... isnt that the fun :)?
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    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    everyone talking chiller I check my DWC buckets at 70/ 72 made airline cooler cheap chiller under $100 works IMG_20180119_205635075.jpg IMG_20180119_203040272_HDR.jpg 65 / 68
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Ha ha yea

    Im pretty happy with my set up right now .

    But after this cycle im building a hybird set up.
    Just to do a rdwc side by side comparison in my room in my conditions

    Hopefully ill be content for a while... i hope
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    Tbudwilly Member

    Lol it's cool man
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    The instructions that came with my alita said it has to be fan cooled so thats what i did.
    Definitely keeps the compressor from building heat which is good for the res too.

    Alot of it is DO and getting it through the root zone.
    Pythium is an anerobic condition if i remember right so lack of oxygen =root rot.

    But the MAIN reason is simpley getting DO to move through t he roots

    Do that and you can run at 72-75 all day long.

    But i f your roots get huge its SAFER to run cooler temps.

    Peeps dont realize this can be almost cured by simply leaving a bigger AIRGAP between the crown of the plant and the water line...
    Look up kratky method for more detailed answers.

    Thjs is why im running on low water levls in my setup and im at 72-75 all day everyday :)
    So far so good but to be fair im only a month in on my latest setup
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    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    sorry im dumb. im interested in how this works but cant figure it out.. lol dabs

    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    Are you running air to the rez as well as keeping water levels low? I watched a couple vids on the Kratky method earlier today and am intrigued. I have a couple friends with major issues concerning high water temps.
    The high chief

    The high chief Well-Known Member

    Yes diy buckets eco plus air diffuser rings 25$ The buckets are marked at 3 gal and 4 gal for mixing nutrients

    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    probably a dumb question, but why would you need 2 marks? would you need 3 gallons sometimes and 4 gallons when it gets larger or something? also, is it the 8 inch ring? im assuming the 12 inch is too large.
    The high chief

    The high chief Well-Known Member

    for starting seeds or clones
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    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the quick response! i appreciate your patience to my ignorance :)

    Terry385 Well-Known Member

    the air pumps give air at 110 IMG_20180115_160510017.jpg so I ran 25 foot air line on each pump coiled at bottom of 5 gal bucket (piece of pvc just holds air line down) cool water with cheap chiller to 63 now at 9 DWC buckets in two tents water temp now at 65 68... had roots going south in two buckets temp was 72
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Im actually doing it ALL

    i waterfall
    I flume
    I agitate water suface (by waterfall and air)
    And i got 900gph pump for 20 gal

    Which 900gph =15 gal a min :) so with a 20to 30 gallon res im circulating the entire thing in less then 2 min. If my math is right.

    I know the status quo is to run f he water right under the net but . I figured id sprinkle some kratky on there lol

    And see how i did with less water so far so good.

    But this is the first run to be fair.with this setup.

    Last setup used 5 gallon buckets with a 400gph
    Pump and not as good of a water manifold.
    It works well.

    I jist have an ocd thing about redesigning and tweaking based on past experience.

    Feel free to pm me if you need to know more
    Busy tonight for a while though will be back on later
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Awsome idea on the chiller but you might want to air cool your fans them selves so they dont burn out. 110f air is crazy pump must be hotter?

    My alita said to air cool they even put that being in a cool breeze by a vent will not cut it.
    Just dont want your pumps to die :)

    In cold climates you can just intake cold winter air to your pump but that takes some planing.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I would have to know what kind of set up your bud has if i can help.

    But im sure you know the biggest things for temp is shade and insulation.. and room control
    As the res will act as a thermal battery
    And eventually semi equalizes with the room .

    My room runs around 75 degrees my res will stay 72-75 all the way till the end of the day where it slowly releses heat during lights off.
    And goes down to probly high 60s.

    Lots of stuff you can do to get that temp beat!

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