Durban Poison?

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    johnnynice Well-Known Member

    Anyone here ever grown/smoked durban poison? I just germed one from dutch passion, but am unsure whether or not it will be worth it. I've read good reviews, but the site says that it only contains 8% thc? How could a plant be decent with such a lower than average thc percentage?

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    there's a lot more in cannabis then thc.

    johnnynice Well-Known Member

    Yea, but THC is the main active ingredient in the high, so I would assume a strong correlation between thc and potency. and arn't sativa's supposed to be characterized a higher THC ratio?
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    bu$hleaguer Well-Known Member

    You can check out my thread below in my sig man. I have 2 Durban poisons right now in week 4 of flower.

    bu$hleaguer Well-Known Member


    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Nothing special. It tastes like licorice and can give you a strong initial hit but the stoned tends to be dizzy if anything. Also has a high leaf to bud ratio-- rating 4/10

    hydroMD Well-Known Member

    I love durban. If you get a good cut its well worth it. Also that 8% thc hits hard. Durban is an incredible focus enhacing bud. Great for daytime smoke and video game enhancement.

    Licorice is a bad description in my opinion. True durbin is some of the best smelling bud in existence. Its an extreme pungent plant with a tropical citrus smell that is completely unique to durbin. Plus its an 8 week sativa... well worth it.
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    johnnynice Well-Known Member

    I'll right, well I'm gunna go grow it then, and then give cred to whichever of you was right
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    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    quote me in the reply im curious lol

    johnnynice Well-Known Member

    I will definitely do that Hazy, unless of course if I forget
    tiger mt.

    tiger mt. Well-Known Member

    Durban seems to be a hit or miss strain. I actually grew it years ago and it seemed to have good vigor but just didn't really crystal up. Last year I had an outdoor durban that did fantastic and tested 14%. Over the winter, a new cut of durban, very nice buds and yield with 13% tested. Like so many names, it just comes down to the pheno you hold.
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    Pepe le skunk

    Pepe le skunk Well-Known Member

    Most of the dutch DP are hybrids with skunk from sam the skunk man stock from the late 70's early 80's. The true stuff takes longer and has that wispy sativa thing. So agree it comes down to the cut you have. Only seen a few pictures of the real south african durban. It looks different than the dutch examples that are heavy yielding 8 week hybrids. However I have seen a few nice dutch ones that lean towards the pure in pheno expression. Also the terpenes in african strains usually have more thcv for that quick hitting effect and the spacy feeling.
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    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    I grew the DP a few years ago,although the plant was beautiful and had huge buds,the high was somebody said above,it does give a strong,euphoric buzz.But only for a short time then has a mediocre buzz after that.
    Da Mann

    Da Mann Well-Known Member

    That was my experience as well. Slaps you upside the head on the third hit but in 15 min it is over. Totally done in a hour.
    walter diggens

    walter diggens Active Member

    I have a DP at almost 7 weeks.. I would definitely recommend this strain for those who smoke all day, and like to feel uplifted without an overwhelming racy buzz.

    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    The durban i grew out a few yrs. back was NOT an 8wk strain, more like 12. It also would not finish outside in the New England climate. However, when grown inside It turned out well. Smooth sativa head high. Didnt smell overly skunky...
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    Zaycor Well-Known Member

    has anyone tried DP & c99? how do they compare?

    hydroMD Well-Known Member

    C99 is more of a racey high. The durban is a smooth high that enhances concentration.

    True durban is a short flower time, even the real african cut. However just like all strains the exception makes the rule so of course there are variations.

    If u get the reao cut, you will probably keep it for a while due to its smell alone. Such a fruity tropical smell its ridiculous.

    johnnynice Well-Known Member

    Well, I grew her out, and here she is at week 6.5-7. She grew strong, very open sativa structure. Her buds have leaves, but she doesn't seem any leafier than other sativa-dom strains I've grown. Buds started looking mature at week 4-5, but put on a bit more weight after that. Looks like an average yielder at best. The smell of it growing and quick dried is faint, fresh and fruity, similar to royal haze but not as strong. The trichs are small, they are there, but it doesn't look frosty.
    The high however, is not disappointing, not from the quick-dried, early cut stuff anyways. Really smacks you in the face at first. I was worried about the low thc%, and one of the reasons why I wanted to grow this strain is to see if claimed thc% actually means anything, and so far I would say that it really doesn't. This weed seems just as potent as strains I've grown which claim over %20. I will need to smoke quite a bit more after being properly cured to make any final judgments though

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    Kygiacomo Well-Known Member

    wow nice job that bud looks dank as a mfer!! i brought their fisien dew it also has low thc but to be honest the ones that always claim 20% or higher is under the perfect dont take but a very small % of thc to fuck u up anyways..i honestly beleive those numbers where they claim 25% like barneys does on some strains is just that numbers and a sales pitch..only true way to ever know is grow them out and test them in a lab and see what the comparison is..

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