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    As the title says I was wondering about drying in one spot. My setup is in a spare bathroom. I have one light, one filter, etc etc. I'm close to harvest (1- 2 1/2 wks) but the way my girls look I will have to chop some down before others. Being a noob I figured if I plant them at the same time they will be ready around the same time lol. I was planning on chopping them all @ once, turning my light off for good, and hanging them in the dark in the same place they grew to dry. Not looking that way. After reading and searching I came up with the bright idea of hanging a long piece of pandafilm to block the light, put some nails in the wall on the dark side and run string and hang them like that. After reading a little more I saw someone mention put them in a cardboard box with a lid on it. Anyone ever done this? Will it affect my quality/dry? Also my buds are thick and chunky so would mold be an issue? I was thinking of finding small rectangle boxes and try my best to let each plant have its own box or share it with only a sibling or two and just stack them up as high as I can/need. Also temps, humidity, and airflow are not a factor I don't think as I'm able to keep my temps around a constant 70-75 f and humidity 50-65 with the use of central ac and fans. Any feedback would be appreciated
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    Do you mean drying in a box with a lid on it? Don't do that with wet buds, they need some air circulation so they don't mold.
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    I was thinking this. Having the lid on 12 hrs and off 12 won't make a difference either I'm guessing
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    I was caught without a place to dry a while back, and did something similar. I used a cooler like the round/tubular redbull ones in gas stations. I hung the buds on the racks inside and would drape newspaper over the top in the daytime to keep light out, leaving a little crack or two for airflow. At night ( lights out ) it would be wide open. It worked pretty well but I'm in a dry climate, like 30% or less. I'm not sure how that would work with a higher relative humidity.
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    I've used small boxes, the kind that cigarette filter tubes come in, for years. I line them with wax paper that has a bunch of holes punched in it. The boxes have the front, back and top punctured as well. Not the sides or bottom. I can load 100g of freshly trimmed buds in each and have taken up to 5 weeks to get them dry enough to put in jars and burp for another 4 or 5. Talk about smooth smoking. Needs to be pretty cool like 40 - 50F to prevent mold and fairly.

    I open them twice a day for the first few then once a day is good enough and even less as they get drier. I'll dump them out into a 14" catch tray for a 5gal pot spread them out and let them breathe each time. You'd have to open twice as much if its warmer and at room temp even more. I have a very cold basement so it works great for me.

    I put half a sticky note on each with Strain, date and time, tare and gross weights. Once they get down to losing less than a gram a day they go into tobacco cans that have smooth insides so if the bud clumps up as it always dose you can slide it out into the tray and gently break up the blob. Let air for a few min and put it back in the jar.


    Doubled up paper bags work good too. Take about 10 days to get dry enough to jar and does a decent cure. Hanging and drying in 3 days makes for a harsh smoke.

    Have fun!
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    My drying setup:

    Just trying it out first time let’s see what we come up with. Tested box two days empty to confirm average temp and RH. Temps were steady at 65-67F and RH between 45-48. I could add more humidity but worried about mold issues. Could possibly get it warmer too by opening another port. I have the box connected to one of my intake ports which based on the setup is pulling the air in (pic attached from outside of box shows negative pressure) from the basement thru the bottom of the box then flowing up to the top of the box going over the buds (I think, lol) and coming out the top of the box thru the exit port(s) on top. Exit port has a HEPA filter on it to prevent as much shit from getting inside box...





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