Drying Cannabis via “Dry Ice”

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    Drying Cannabis via “Dry Ice”

    Another method for drying is to freeze dry your buds. Freeze drying involves using dry ice (carbon dioxide) and placing it into a container with the drying buds. Dry ice contains virtually no humidity.

    The water molecules from the drying cannabis buds are drawn out from the buds by the dry ice while keeping the temperature below 32° F (0° C).
    Placing equal amounts of dry ice to buds in a container will ensure good drying.

    You will place the dry ice under the buds within the container then place the container into your kitchen freezer.

    Be sure to check the container every 12 – 24 hours.
    When there is no more dry ice the buds are more than likely dry and if they are not dry then add more dry ice.

    This method for drying buds is efficient in retaining potency, fragrance, and freshness as well as causes little degradation of the THC resin or break down of chlorophyll.


    I just saw this, anybody have experience with CO2 drying?

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    Why would we want the chlorophyll preserved?

    Genuinely asking. I thought the whole point was to let the bacteria eat the chlorophyll until “cured”.
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