Dry necrotic patch on single branch, dying!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by jimoffy, Mar 14, 2018.


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    Hey guys, I don’t have a pic because I already cut the branch off and inspected it.

    I have a huge outdoor plant growing in a coco mix, it’s 5 weeks in flower and doing great.

    Got home from work today, to find one branch drooping(plant is Scrogged outdoors and LST, so it has like 20 branches, coming out of 5 main ones

    Anyway so this one branch upon further inspection, it had a part halfway up the branch, which looked slightly lighter in colour than the rest of the branch and kind of... dehydrated? Nothing you would notice looking at the stem for a routine check lol.

    So I chopped off the whole branch, lost 3 feet square of my scrog.., ( I’m fucking pissed cause my other plant I lost 3/4 of it to root rot I think, and it’s stunted as shit and barely flowering now, forgot to put enough holes in the pot)

    Upon further inspection, I cut the branch the whole way down, way below this dry spot. Looked perfect inside, no red or grey or dryness just white moist branch lol. But I then proceeded to cut the dry looking bit, and i used a steak knife for this, it literally sawed through it like any dry wood would, even had sawdust coming out of it, it was a very dry and brittle patch that I could literally snap almost in half and dust would come out it was so dry..

    so whatever this dryness is, it stopped that branch from uptaking any moisture. I’m worried it may spread, I don’t know what it is, the rest of the plant is literally perfect atm. What could cause a inch or so on a stem to just dry up like that?

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