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    Hey there folks. I got hit with a challenge to try a strain from a member who says it's about the most potent thing he's run. It's a "normal" priced seed line and that some of the things I pay up for (rare/cutting edge) are overpriced.

    The reason that I do is simple. I want them..... His is that I don't need to.

    This first pic is for him to know I got the package from the drop shipper, and that he can see I did take 3 out and pop them.
    20170803_074657.jpg There you go my "shiny" friend. Thank you for the beans and the new strain!

    Normal bean popping for me. Paper towel method with H2o2 enriched stream water. Yes, I said stream water.

    This is 32hrs after being put into the bag - all but one of the featured strain has popped.

    Splain'in part: The ECSD is Greenthumbs. The Shiatsu Kush is the subject strain.
    The Iraqi hash plant is a strain given to me by an officer in the Army. Long story short, is that he got them in a house search, during a firefight in a city in Iraq. A rear wall was breached and the "backyard" was full of lovely plants. It was the home of the local hash maker (said the interpreter).... He gave them to me and has become a patient... They run like they are not a Indica landrace....At least I think so.....Nicely potent, and long lasting buzz. Nothing real special but popular with our patients. Does run in the 21 - 23% range as an average.

    The Clockwork Blood. Was not run due to keeping my #'s at a safe buffer - below the limit. Next run rotation...

    Here they are 2 days later.
    20170803_074332.jpg 20170803_074407.jpg

    So, every bean that popped, made it to seedling stage.
    Some might say these are a little tall. I like them that way! I bury them deep and get a better root system that will come out of that buried stem section....Iraqi's are first (right to left), then ECSD and the Shiatsu's. Only 2 of the 3 Shiatsu beans popped. that's ok and I'll run with that.

    At least that's my long term idea.

    So then, first installment of this journal is done, and the down the road focus will be on the Shiatsu... I'll drop a few shots of the others from time to time but, my weekly focus is on that Shiatsu.

    I will attempt to file a pic and comment every week starting this coming Monday......This is the initial run of this strain. I have not done any dial in on this.....It's a "go from here" run. Organic water only - with some mid to late bloom use of Age old bloom and an organic K sulfate.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    is this your first ecsd from greenthumb?
    the most unpleasantly devastating weed I every grew/smoked/had tested was Ghost Train Haze.
    nasty like knock down. if I was dying while in pain this would be my go to rx
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Nope. Ran before. These are seeds from some years back - well stored. I really like Greens ECSD.

    I got 2 pheno's of Ghost OG running now. Got Platinum Banana Og running and an odd ball "Superdog" Giesel X Whitedog...

    But yeah, that ECSD is potent! Great sativa.... Nother favorite sativa is Connoisseur Genetics SSSDH (super silver sour diesel haze)...DAMN strong sativa! Bout the strongest sativa I've tried.. Outstanding..
    Jimmy Sparkle

    Jimmy Sparkle Well-Known Member

    I will expect great things from you! Cool way of doing it.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see the results...subbed!

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Im interested in the ecsd. I've heard it's super fire. Subbed hope you have a great grow.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the day late/dollar short posting. Was a long weekend!

    Here are the kids as of 7:05 this mourning -

    You can see they did hit my "tall" goal for planting deep.
    4 Iraq's - 3 ECSD's and 2 Shiatsu's.

    I will be busy in the op all day. Part of that will be transplanting to Solo's. I'll update that again later and explain what/how I do it.
    I'll include root shots of each strain..

    Be patient with me if I post that in the mourning. I gotta make a Lasagna for din-din....
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Aw hell, lets get this posted. I'm a happy camper.

    I take solo's and a razor blade and cut the bottom edge 4 times for air (flow) and drain holes.
    The seeds were placed in root riots and run 8 days to get this curling root. The water in the rooting tray was supplemented with 1.25 ml of kelp extract and half strength KIND grow (1-1-2). Placed under a 6 spot mixed spectrum T5 HO.

    Root at transplant.

    It is then planted in the solo with Potters my basic soil mix - In such a small container - About 16-18 days of feeding.
    I water it initially with that same mix as above but, it has a bit of AACT - about 300 ml. Kind of a jump start. The 9 plants used 900 ml for the initial watering, or 100 ml per solo.

    Here you see just how deep I plant the "leggy" seedlings.

    Around 2/3's of the seedling's height is now under soil. As she grows. The stem will start new root shoots off it for a more stable start.....At least "I've" had some more favorable results that way, so I have stick to that for years.... Seems like it grows faster in the 1's and 3's down the road...

    PS. The little ruff looking clones in the back row. Those are a clone experiment. A simple sitting water of short cuts.....It was hard on them and a cpl didn't take. The 3 you see did. An odd ball ghost pheno. Non typical and not the "Magic carpet ride" cut. Still they have an above average potency, with a different terp profile..

    See you next week!
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Basic week more of growth change.
    Not to tall.

    The nodes leaf sets are increasing. Everything seems to be just about on the same growth rate. Not able to see any pheno difference yet (to be expected!).

    A cpl reacted to the jump to nutrient soil (cpl of spotty starter leaves). Again - expected, they have to set roots to get the nutrients going well. Starter leaves (2 single, opposing leaves) are there to do just that. Start the feeding, as the roots set the bio's and assist the soil in setting pH. That's the good old soil food web getting going.


    Interesting how they all look the same early in life eh?

    Seedlings, top down. Starting with the 2 solo's.
    Iraq Hash plant.

    By next week. 2 of the Iraq plants will have moved to another owner/breeder...

    Nothing but water and some kelp extract every other watering.
    Kelp will end next week....

    Get Swifty!
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Bit late in the day but, Did the work this mourning and hit the road for appointments and such. With that said, Here we go!

    As they sit in their Solo's at 10:05 am.
    I could wait another cpl of days but, The roots are at the bottom and beginning to run. So it's an optimal time to up pot with seedlings. I would wait another 3 days or so with clones - my choice.

    This is the root formation at this point. I smell the roots/soil at this and every up potting to check for root problems.
    Plant healthy? Root/soil smells like nice earthy/rich soil? Good to go! ( A peppery or fermenting like smell...Bad news, attempt cure or flat out pitch them.....I would pitch....easy to pop more..)

    Here we are all up potted to 1's. Time to water the transplanted ladies.
    I mix 5 ml of Ca/Mg (I run RO) and 5 ml Maxicrop Seaweed (kelp) extract, to a gallon of water.
    Water them to just starting to drip through, and leave them until the soil is dry down to 2 inch's. Then it's plain water, pH'ed to 6.5 and at every other day - Ca/Mg at 5 ml.

    Here are our subject plants. Shiatsu Kush... Plants #1 and #2 ....
    20170821_105249.jpg 20170821_105257.jpg
    These are now showing a quite possible pheno difference. #1 is taller and fuller, with more nodes. #2 is shorter and less nodal branching.

    We'll see how that goes.

    Till next week.
    may your grows be forever trouble free and the plant hit potentials...

    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Day late, sorry.

    Not much to report. Topped one (taller, more saw toothed pheno).

    Well see how this FIM turns out.

    Otherwise it's another week of growth is all...
    They are shorter (quite) then the ECSD's and Iraqi Hash plant......
    They have turned out to be 2 distinct pheno's - You can see it here.

    I figure a cpl of weeks to 3 gallon up pot.
    ECSD's and Iraqi hash's - maybe next week to up pot those.....Fast vegging of taller plants.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Well, you can clearly see a totally different pheno relationship between them....

    The one on the right is looking like an auto, in so much as it's looking like it's starting to flower. Yet it's not quite really forming buds...
    The one on the left has not done anything like the other.
    They have both caught up to the Iraqi Hash plants in size.
    The ECSD's have been up potted and are no longer in the pic's. Maybe a look next week.
    Plant on the left is starting to show it wants some more N.....No feeding coming, as it will make the up potting to fresh soil, no problem.
    I really like the shape of the left plant too.

    Up potting next week - will show details as usual...

    In case your wondering - NO feeding till the flip....
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Hey, Day late but, interesting things were done all day in the grow yesterday...
    Built a cubic yard of base soil.
    Recharged 3 cf of used soil.

    And of course, got to the our subject here.

    Got some big news on the Shiatsu's.
    1 is.
    The other is not! Looks like the sender got a bean or 2 mixed with the intended strain. This bitch is an AUTO (unknown strain).

    Anyway, I up potted them to the 3's. The roots were not as developed as the Iraqi's and especially the ECSD's that I upped last week.
    Still, I wanted to get them into fresh soil for better nutrient availability, so up they went. Roots did look good and the smell of the ball was good!
    They look small like the plant it's self......The ECSD's are more like 3 times their size already....

    If you want to see the ECSD's. Just request and I'll post a mid week update with those and put them side by, with the single Shiatsu...

    Guess down the road I'll be popping like 5 of the remaining beans to what kind of consistency they have......For now we'll run what we got here...
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    hmm, never thought to smell the roots at xplant (or any other time). I'll have to start, thanks.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    OOpsy, forgot last week :mrgreen:..

    Well, not much happened. I up potted the ECSD and a Blue Berry to their final pots. 8 more days and into the bloom room for them.
    Here they are with the Shiatsu in the front on the left. Bitch is a small running strain. This is the pheno that did not begin to bloom - without light change!

    Here's the Shiatsu in front of the Iraqi Hash plants (you can't see the Iraqi's well). Actually about the same size plant. "Helper" for while I was away again, will not be "helping" anymore = Fucking cigarette smoked in the grow! AND tossed on my floor.....

    Here is that odd Shiatsu bitch that started to bloom after being Fimm'ed. I feel it has to be auto inclined - some Ruderalis in the woodpile? Yet the fellow who sent the beans for this challenge, say's no on them being auto's! Been given pics of sisters in several owners hands.
    Now the one that isn't blooming. That is a very, very different pheno! The leaf structure is totally different....So much so, I still wonder if that bean slipped in but, never know

    I left it in the veg room for what? over 2 weeks like that....Very little bud development, so into the bloom room with her. She wasn't getting any bigger either!

    I will be running more of the Shiatsu beans to confirm any suspicions. There are plenty more to try. I mean, these 2 can not be very good representations of the strain. (as far as pictures I've reviewed of the strain)....

    Guess we'll have to watch the ECSD and the Iraqi Hash plants in this journal run too.

    Till next time. TTFN
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Well, here we are 2 whole months from the first post.
    Not a lot to report but, here we go.

    This is the flowering Shiatsu. She's on a 36" tall box, next to 3 Platinum Banana OG's and an Ex. Cheese.
    This is a weird pheno in so much as it started to bloom after being FIMed and just started to bud. The bud sites developed but, did not grow larger or progress. Now that she has been in 11/13. The buds are expanding and filling... I was told this was the strongest the member had smoked.....It better be good as it's not a production plant - :mrgreen:

    Here's her sister that is a totally different pheno. Now she grows larger but not fast or tall. Like the Iraqi hash plants. She grows at a rate I suspect is tied to root growth. They tend to burst a bit when up planted and stall as the roots begin to fill the new space. They have "big feet" that like big shoe's.
    I'll be up potting today (Tuesday) and we'll see about that in the next cpl weeks. I want them taller.

    The ECSD's are twice the size and were not the "focus" of this journal. I'll pay weekly attention to them as of next week, as they're going into bloom today. You will be seeing examples of Super Cropping on these to hold height from light....



    Till next week.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    OK, OK, I'm late (as usual)..

    Cpl of us long time growers where talking about it's early blooming. One of us just sat and listened. He turned and asked me if I had topped it right before I saw the "bloom" start.
    It was under 18/6?
    It was still a bit stressed for some reason. The topping was a FIM?
    It freaked the plant and it did the "emergency" bloom thing. I've seen that in a strain myself some years back. I breed it and it was close to the same parents as the Shiatsu. The plant you showed us has those same thin serrated sativa looking leaves as mine did.
    The budding started, went so far and like "stopped" right?
    It started back real quick when you stuck her in the bloom room?
    That's it D. It freaked the plant into a stress reaction bloom. The strain will do that......Don't fuck with your Highland Thai's much when you run them, do you?
    Same thing applies.....

    So I'll add a shot of that later. In a rush, gotta run for a bit.

    Shiatsu - getting there, same for the Iraqi Hash's. 20171010_095445.jpg

    Here's the starter ECSD's - the tall one will be super cropped today. I'll add a pic of that and how I did it. In front of them is an original blueberry. Cloned for over 30 years.

    Attached Files:

    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    OK, update....

    Here's that blooming Shiatsu. I do feel it is blooming/bud building fast... Damn small plant. Shiatsu as a whole is a slow vegging plant - just like the Iraqi Hash plants...You saw that in the previous posts.

    Now here is the super crop pics of the ECSD,
    The first one is the main at the spot of the pinch and bend.
    This is a kinda poor shot of the stem running right to left. It goes under the big leaf left center and the light colored "end" main on the left, just over center is the "main kola".

    Took these today to show that in 2 days the kola's on the cropped main stem are turning back to the light already.....

    See you all next week....
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    No I didn't forget.
    I got damn busy with farm work.....Car repairs and harvesting.

    Not getting anymore real growth increase out of the Shiatsu still in veg. It will be moved to flower next Friday, as she was up-potted to her final pot last week Thurs.
    Here she is in her bloom pot/soil.
    She was given an initial lollypop.

    Here is the stress induced blooming Shiatsu. Odd pheno but, cool.

    All that seems to need to be completed is the calyx swell, and harvest. Watching daily after this next week.

    Closer view of her structure; She shows lighting time stress and has been victim of a high P soil. This the things you learn on your dial in run (Her sister is not suffering from it, and I did use a more appropriate bloom soil). Guess her sister stress blooming, kinda did me a favor.

    Foxing from the light stress (extended vegging while plant was attempting to bloom).

    Iraqi Hash plants have gone to bloom last Friday. They stayed in their older pots, as their getting my synthetic run testing.

    I'll get shots of them and the ECSD canopy next week.

    Sorry for the missed weeks. I will be doing weekly updates on the proper Shiatsu in bloom.


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