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    59366495-2FAE-4627-B425-DFAD3E0B12B6.jpeg 157FB4C9-00FD-4469-A5EB-FDABE35A4CAF.jpeg So I have all plants in veg still and my temp range has been varying a lot but they are doing well. I know they droop due to the cold but as soon as the sun comes out they pick up. I noticed that they have been having some new branches from the nodes and from me being away for 5 days and had someone watch them for me they exploded in growth. Ive noticed some stickyness coming from the fan leaves and it smells like the plant but not much of a shine. The leaves look healthy and no spots or anything but im curious what to expect in the next couple of weeks and to rate my progress.

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    Planted too close together. Have fun and enjoy the process. :bigjoint:
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    Fan Leaves don't get sticky. If they are, then someone put some sticky stuff on them. Read a lot, then read more and more and more. Watch any sensible YouTube video you can. Read this forum from top to bottom. When next season rolls around you may be half prepared by then. The only thing that will happen in the next couple of weeks is more growth. Probably very slow growth due to not being growing season. I'm guessing you're in the US. If not then you may get to see them finish properly.
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    OP, this time of year {assuming you're north of the equator}, the plants will start to flower as soon as they reach sexual maturity at 4-5 weeks. Once they really start to twist up, you can expect from 8-10 weeks until mature. Good luck.

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    0193E563-9E54-4FB2-A21E-AE699ACE5095.jpeg So this is the progress since then and they have started to flower. I have to guess they are doing well and there are several branches with budding so i guess ill have several colas if im right. Anyone correct me if im wrong. The smaller one is having some trouble and hasnt started flowering. Its about a foot and a half tall. The others are roughly 2-3 feet tall maybe taller. Tell me what you think.

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    The runt on the top left. The ones originally in the ground i transplanted into pots.

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    Do you move them into the sun?

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