Does the Oxygen Pot system make any sense?

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    For flower setup, I've had a running debate in my head over drip irrigation vs ebb/flow.

    I enjoy tinkering and fk'ing with stuff so the idea of a modular ebb/flow system seems fun while drip irrigation seems to be boring to configure even though it has generally been accepted as being an overall better grow method for a few different reasons.

    The Oxygen Pot system claims to mitigate some of the pitfalls of ebb/flow by use of bottom fill/drain as well as fabric pots. I've mocked up and tested my own buckets and I've been able to make my own DIY bottom feed/drain modular system with no control bucket required and the reservoir can be placed under my table so the space saving is cool. Oh it's worth mentioning that I already have a 2'x2' ID flood tray, 3'x3' tent.

    The point:

    But this whole fabric pot seems like all of the benefits would be lost when running them inside of buckets. It doesn't seem to make sense that air pruning will still take place when the bucket is in the way of...the air lol. I'm manually flood feeding some airpots now for my moms and on the bottom, which sits on a tent floor, you can see fresh root growth trying to find someplace to grow and without the oxygen to prune, they kinda just keep growing until they find the air, which won't won't be the case at all in a bucket (unless they find the drain hole and clog my whole shit). Unless I'm missing something. Media I intend to use is an approximately 50/50 mix of rock wool cubes and hydroton in 1gal fabric pots, which in my moms will hold around 1/4 gal nutrient with a one min flood, making fear of pump failure minimal. So why don't I just flood the table? With added frequency of rez changes needed in ebb/flow I'm trying to reduce waste and need for an enormous gallon. I can save around 10g per flood doing it modular vs flooding the table.

    Maybe I should just drip irrigate...anyway...

    And please don't recommend DWC to me. I've done single buckets, modular, and an "under current" style - all are too much of a pain in the ass for me between heat, leaks, pH drift, res changes, 1000 different airstones etc etc. I know that plants grow fast this way but I'm never doing it again.

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    dtw the best technique
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    I don't think the pruning is the main advantage of the oxygen pot... I think oxygen delivery to the roots is their selling point... and I really don't see that helping too much with a bucket right next to it (like you mentioned).

    I made an improved (IMO) version one of these systems in the 90s...

    I drilled a ton of 1/4" holes in a 5 gallon bucket (all along the sides and bottom) and put it into another 5 gallon bucket. Drilled one hole in the bottom bucket for an air line. Had air running 24/7 forcing it's way through the grow media and out the top. When I watered the top bucket, soooooooo many bubbles.

    These plants vegged for about a month under HPS and CFL and the entire top bucket was FILLED with roots. Sexy, clean, healthy, fuzzy, strong roots.
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