Does pot not effect some new smokers in the beginning?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by jonl92, Oct 7, 2018.


    jonl92 Active Member

    I grew some weed and I let a family member who has been smoking for years try it. After 10 mins or so they said that it was good stuff and that it was a nice full body high. Next day they said it lasted a few hours and they slept amazing for once. So knowing my weed works I decided I'd try pot for the first time on friday, it was disappointing, It didn't have any effect on me. I tried again and again, after 4 attempts In a hour I got a slight buzz lasted maybe 90 mins. I tried again last night twice and nothing. If I remember correctly I remember my mom saying that if I ever smoked pot it probably would take 2 weeks or so of smoking it to actually do anything and I googled this and some people said the same.

    DancesWithWeeds Well-Known Member

    My first smoke was from a pipe I bought at the drug store. I smoked a full bowl and told Weeds, my wife, that it wasn't doing anything. I smoked another bowl.
    I Think he next couple days are lost to me forever.

    Thinking back, I do remember one of the gals the we ran with kept saying "It's Not doing anything, I don't feel anything, please pass the cookies and..." As I remember it, she went catatonic for about three hours.

    Someone said once that it was kind of like being drunk and sober at the same time, and you overlook the high part looking for the drunk part. (Don't blame me, I'm just saying what someone else said.)
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    jonl92 Active Member

    Ya it was like I was drunk and sober for 90 mins, tho I never got that way last night.

    DancesWithWeeds Well-Known Member

    I've been smoking for so long I almost forgot some of the early days. One of the things I do remember was this one guy that was a real BS'er. Probably never saw a joint in his life. He saw my box of cigarette sized joints and said "I can smoke two of those." With all of us being new smokers we passed one joint around the room. That really impressed us that he could smoke two of them. The people throwing the party said he did finally wake up the next day.

    My REAL advice is don't smoke by yourself. You can get higher than a kite an not even know it. If you are by yourself you nothing to compare yourself to you can feel normal and not be normal at all.:eyesmoke:
    jimmy 2 step

    jimmy 2 step Member

    The first time i ever smoked i was in my lazyboy unable to move and felt like i needed to tell myself to breath or i would die or perhaps i was dying lol . So after about 5 hours of this with a perma smile the whole time not able to talk my friends moved me to my bedroom , i woke up 17 hours later and felt like i had a hangover for like a week .
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    gwheels Well-Known Member

    I think i smoked 5 times before i got high....and wow did i. I was 13 or 14.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Took me a couple of times before I felt it but I may have if mastered now. We were smoking a lot of ditch weed back in the day haha.
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    jonl92 Active Member

    Took me about a week. I get high everytime now lol.

    Dawgfunk Well-Known Member

    When I was 14, I had some buddies that said they had some hash. I hadn’t smoked before, I was getting curious so I figured I’d take a few hits. Ripped it, probably smoked a bowl between the 3 of us, eyes got red but I wasn’t getting high at all. We finished the hash and my buddies were ripped, they thought it was funny that I wasn’t high. They hit up another one of our buddies and he came over with a half of some decent mids. Seeded out nice light green, funky herb. We smoked at least a quarter between the 4 of us and I can still remember counting hit 15 off a round of bowls and bongs and then everything got real. Quick. Ha kept wondering how people did this every day. Everything was like sillouettes and the whole room shifted around. Flash frame movie set style. Kept thinking 2 or 3 minutes was an hour. Scared the shit out of me and I didn’t smoke again for like a month or 2 after that. Stayed high til noon or 1 the next day...ha I said I’d never smoke again.

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    It took me several times to get high. I tried a few different weeds over about a week, and never really felt anything. Then went to a party and my buddy and I smoked a blunt to our heads and I got great :). I love dabs, and I smoke bowls sometimes, but I have always really loved blunts. I've got good weed now so I smoke unflavored blunts and enjoy the taste through the whole blunt, and always get high :). Not backwoods either BTW, just regular blunts, the backwoods are waaay to harsh for me. I don't smoke any tobacco other then blunts(and frankly I don't really count them as tobacco)
    so I'm sensative I guess.

    raggyb Well-Known Member

    Surely true. The brain needs to learn to learn what is happening when it never felt it before.

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    My wife says she does not get any feeling from it ,apart from feeling tired .Sleeping right through like she never did before through pain and was jabbering on about some right crap,I thought not high my arse your well and truly smashed
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    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    But saying that ,she must have a high Torrance because the first joint I made her was Exodus Cheese the clone version big fat spliff no tabbaco,and she smoked lot .Just half that and I'm smashed .Dont have a big torrerance to it me,I get red eye easy.
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