Does Hemp Flower Have Enough THC To Give a Psychoactive Effect?

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    Can Hemp flower (which is widely available online, hand trimmed, for around $500 per pound and contains a total THC % of .6%) be used to make THC edibles? I'm not really asking about the legality, I know that is a gray area right now. And the law is also gray about what defines Hemp with respect to Total THC, vs delta 9 THC vs complete vs partial declaration, ect, 2014 Farm Bill, 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp Farming Act of 2018, ect.

    For example, if you get 1 gram of Hemp flower at .6% THCA, that is 6mg THCA (1000mg * .006). If you decarb that, you should get 5.1mg THC (6mg THCA *.85 = 5.1mg THC). If you mix that with a small amount of coconut oil, that should be equivalent to a 5mg THC marijuana edible, correct?

    I know that is on the lower side of the dosing, but definitely enough THC to get a psychoactive effect out the general population.
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    hemp typically only contains 0,3 percent thc and will not make you high.

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    So is a 5mg THC edible from Hemp different from a 5mg THC edible from Marijuana? Besides possibly the other cannabinoids and terpenes?

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    Also, I know everyone quotes the .3% number, but the vast majority grown in the states appears to be well over that limit

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