Do you use MJ for pain or recreation purposes?

Discussion in 'British Patients' started by smokehog, May 12, 2014.


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    I use for spasm pain due to damaged nervous system, need spinal fusion so have some bad pain. I smoke like hell and put in cookies to help with pain and moods. I refuse to take morphine so just stick with tramadol and cannabis to get by. If I take my meds it makes me ill, so I self medicate after 13 years of tablet abuse. My doctor Ok's me using MJ but UK mental health don't understand cannabis and stigmatise it. Its about time the UK got up to speed with legalising MJ for medical reasons and recreation purposes. Ahhhh rant over, nice to me ya all....

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    I have ms and use the green goddess for spasm and fatigue using a vapouriser.
    Labs Dexter

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    Heyup I use it for pain relief n sleep. I have three bulging disks in lumbar 3,4,5. I ganja helps allot with pain but until I move again lol, I tried to vape it but was unable successful either e sig is not all that or I messed up... I only used the crystals and boiled it with the liquid

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    I use it for sleep and pain from a bad accident during a rock slide that crushed all the bones in my left leg years ago my favorite is OGK due to the great pain and sleep qualities .....but everything I grow goes to cancer patients and others who are handicap that can't grow for themselves ......including my own sibling who has cerebal palsy and was having seizures on a regular basis until cannabas stopped them in there tracks thank God that's my whole reason for growing to help people who can't grow and need quality medicine for a better life do to illnesses's a great medicine that has healing affects that people don't understand It's always incredible to see how people that are against medical cannabis change there mind when it's the only thing that will help there own family members ......good luck to you all wish you all happy smokin and good health .....piece
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    I smoke for recreational purposes. Its nice to be able to relax after a long day of work smoke a bowl and all your troubles melt away.
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    I use it to get high ass fuq! But not for the stuff u mentioned
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    What you mate is awesome all out respect for you cause and I'm glad to hear a real personal reasons... Mine is all mine and if I have spare I cure it never got to that stage yet because I finish em before my next lot is down lmao... At the moment I have two pain killers by Dr underground looking forward to it, I know another person who owns a hydro shop n he is part of( bud buddy's) and in touch with CBD crew he does same thing the are on you tube he helped me out with some free CBD rich strains bud they never popped thru my error I think.. What do you grow in and what's ur feed if you don't mind me asking

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    I smoke for recreation and to help me sleep at night. I'm a "sativa by day" ... "indica by night" kind a guy. :joint:
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