do you flush?

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    I do flush for two reason and I grow in soil and hydro.

    Firstly I flush with water only in week 7 of flowering to signal my plants their time is near and in my experience with my plants feeding only water increase my ticholmes and smells .... Water is a good thing IMO
    In my hydro I do the same but start in 8th week of flower.

    Secondly organic or not your still under control environment feeding your plants minerals/food be it organic or not. As such being your controlling what the plant eats not what natures gives it flushing should be important to you for if only for the satisfaction of knowing your not taking in your body anything that nature it's self would again IMO.

    Flush or don't flush it really depends on the quality you want your name on when ppl like or dislike your buds.

    Everyone has their own way/style of growing so IMO grow on ppl :-)
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    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    people say ohh you dont have to flush in hydro either but i disagree, When I grew hydro and choped with no flush it tasted horrid.
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    Agree half of the donot flush crew are idiots and the other half are bunch of followers that got used to a burning throat. They say in nature there is no flush? What about the monsoons of water nature releases at fall? Every fuqing grow book or video tells u to flush. Lol

    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    Heres my final opinion on this, not that my opinion matters but fuck it here it is anyway. you do not have to flush in soil you have to flush in hydro. in soil a flush wont hurt if it isn't done to early in the plants life cycle.

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    When you use organic, you feed the soil, not the plant. It survives the same way it does outdoor. I agree though, everyone has ways.

    And im also, pretty sure that rainy season doesn't flush nutes away, not outdoor with a plant in the ground lol!

    907fluush Active Member

    so tell me why do leave change color and die?

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    buy this book if you grow.

    Its good shit, and truly made me feel like an idiot. It also saved myself from looking like an ass.
    1. Flushing your microbe colonies would do more harm then good.
    2. You feed the soil, the soil feeds the plant. They work together and take what they need.
    3. Organic matter is broken down by choice before getting taken up from the plant
    4. If you flush in a pot then leaves will change because you flushed the colony that feeds and breaks down for the plant Not the salts!
    5. In a natural environment, wether you get a rainy season or not, the plant will STILL change color because it is mature and it wants to reproduce its life!

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    The roots are part of the plants and remain in the soil so disagree your feeding soil not the plant lol but everyone has the own way and what not lol.

    Medical grade cannabis has certain guidelines that it must meet to be a sellable product to the public testing is very unforgiving and tells all. Good topic and gathering of the minds and opinions though ;-)

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    What if i grow using water only? I just pour more water at the end of flower? I guess your right. We each have our own opinions and thats respectable.
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    Only water is true organics but I've seen and heard those adding things to the water and claiming it organically grown lol. IMO if your addadding anything to your water flushing is a good thing just my thoughts though lol.
    After all it's a weed ppl keep it simple you'd be amazed what true genetics produces ;-)
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    Flushing is for toilets. Fuck this thread.

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    I admit i slip with the epsom salts when needed, but im glad you understand. Im tired of arguing today lol
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    Roobarb Well-Known Member

    I'd urge anyone that advocates flushing in soil to go away and read up on basic botany. Running gallons of water thru the soil doesn't do what you think it does. Proper harvesting drying and curing is the key. Go research it. Form your own educated opinion and stop listening to "bro science"
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    akbear Member

    Ok, Lets see if I've taken the time to correctly grow in all phases of my Plants life including daily care, proper watering and proper lighting, and exchange of fresh air and washing away of any chemicals/nutrients/organically or not, then continue to the proper curing and storage of my final product. I can be sure my end product is safe and at its purest form.

    So in-regards to flushing or not flushing, if I've done my job in growing right, and I've taken the time to make sure that any products even organic in nature products that I've added out of my soil/hydro and have taken the time to recreate natures changing seasons, i would spend less time over all in the perfect curing of my plant. Just using water the last two weeks, or for those who use high PPM products use a flushing product then feed with just water (not rinse with gallons and gallons of water) just normal watering practices and let my plants do what they do naturally, I can be sure that my product will be the purest that it can be for those other than myself to use/medicate and will take less time to properly cure in the end because the plant does not have to dispel all that I've giving it to grow organic or not.

    Organically growing means adding NOTHING but WATER so if your truley only using Water then there is nothing to flush or cleanse! But I'm willing to bet most organic gardeners are adding something to compensate for yields/health of their plants.

    That being said, the fact is that over half if not more of those growing cannabis/ (Mary Jane/weed/pot what ever your choice of name), do so with the intent of selling said grow. The care is only taken into account as to the total weight, the (High), look and smell and most important the fasted way to get it finished to sale. Because the nature of growing has largely been part of the black market for lack of a better word, practices in growing are not ideal for the end product being the purest it can be for the medical applications.

    With 30+ years hands on experience of Soil grown Cannabis, that is all i have to say about that.

    Lets all just Agree to disagree and continue on with your own strategy and way of growing, Its a learning process, choose to be in the dark or close minded, and have only what you have or choose to learn its up to you and no one else............ Peace Out
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    elkamino Well-Known Member

    Respect for your 30 years of growing in soil!bongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmilie

    But organic growing has nothing to do with "adding nothing but water". :)

    "Organically grown" simply means that something was grown "without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation." :weed:

    More here, its one of RIU's best threads:

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    Man everyone skips over what I have already said .


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