Do not know what they are. Figured it out, Aphid Eggs


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Kinda looks like an egg of some sort.
As far as a phone, sorry I'm a Luddite. My Canon takes good pictures but they did not design it for macro stuff back then. Amazing what phones can do now. Yes it does look like an egg to me. I wasn't sure at first, I had some little bugs that got tangled up in resin, wondered if a bug got encased in it. I have a handheld microscope, sometimes too much magnification for what I want it for. But smooth surface, actually looks quite pretty up close. Either way the hydrogen peroxide seemed to kill the bug activity on the plants. Still saw an aphid fly out of a pot though. Got to kill them off for good.

Think I found it, 'Aphid on white pine needle"

Spent an hour and a half going through my plants. Saved me a lot of grief, doubt I got them all though.
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