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    This seed bank are just scammers. Multiple orders from several different people all came with customs have seized your gear letters in it. Funny how there is never a green or blue customs inspected tape to reseal the package. Also they used the same tape to seal both ends like a razor had been taken to it. And a fake "we want to scare you seizure letter" my friend showed the letter to one of his customs friends, it was a fake. After numerous email exchanges they blamed me and said they would call the local police if I didn't just get ripped off and go away. NOMATER WHAT ANYONE POSTS ON HERE DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE ON HERE THAT SAYS THEY GOT ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. But if you still want to through away money contact me, I need donations. LOL
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    SeedHo Well-Known Member

    you gotta pic of this fake letter?

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    You got links of the others who got ripped off?
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    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    I've used them several times in the past with no issues.
    They were prompt & got me the beans I wanted.

    Post a copy of the letters & links to others.
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    purplecouchfire New Member They said super stealth? Why in the world would you send a brochure advertising? Also when confronted they said they don't ship anything illegal to the USA you agreed to that when you ordered. So here's a $200 dollar Brochure. My friends are not going come on here. I don't have photos of one of my friends pack because he threw it away "Got all paranoid" you know...But when I showed him my stuff and their responses he said " I got the same shit"! So I gave him my letter to take to his friend the other day and the letter is fake. No signature,No official stamp, no contact info other than generic customs address no appeal process no nothing. That guy was like "were they trying to see how cheap they can scam you". He thought it was funny. Its not.. Also I ordered for another person and they got the same exact thing will post photo when I can . Still don't like being scammed. You live and learn but trying to protect others from being pissed like I am. 1 - Copy.jpg Image 2 - Copy.jpg
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    lowryderlove Well-Known Member

    My friend, if scammed you are -- chargeback you should!

    purplecouchfire New Member

    Currently working on that. Thanks for the reply. But I am more concerned that others that need this for serious medical conditions get their medications or the ability to produce their own medications. Without being taken advantage of by scammers like this.That's what this is really about.

    redeyedfrog Well-Known Member

    Dude that looks like a honest to goodness customs form, besides that why would a reputable seed company try to nickel and dime when they can get cash off of you numerous times if they provide a good product and good service? See it makes no sense and it's poor business practice.
    I am sure that if you did not convince yourself they were ripping you off you would not have demanded they fix it, dude lay off the pot a bit and get the paranoia under control.
    These guys have been around awhile and get good raps, so I'll take your conspiracy theory with a grain of salt and order my seeds with confidence,
    I'd suggest you get back on the horn with a more conciliatory attitude and maybe they will help you out. I personally order from the attitude but I've never heard of these folks ripping anyone off and no business that wants to be around for any period of time will practice this strategy of losing customers for a short term gain. It defies the principles of good commerce and common sense.

    purplecouchfire New Member

    Ok look the letter is fake believe it or not and the tape on it is fake. And I have seen many unboxing videos and none of them have a look Iam doing something bad ad in them. And their attitude when I emailed them was they never sent them easyer to take if you think the person is stupid. All I asked was why on numerous issues. Dude look here's my advice spend the extra money and take a drive to Colorado going there soon. Save yourself the headache. Believe me or not.

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    Wow your an idiot that's customs pal you did not get ripped off the proof is right there they in fact sent the seeds you see where it says "mail interception notice" yeah they ain't playing kids games with you its customs.

    purplecouchfire New Member

    Believe or not doesn't matter. I have done a week worth of research and talked to people that have had the same issue with this company. Never going to trust another out of country vendor again. End of story.

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    I've got a buddy that got the wrong order @ Mcydees drive through & is convinced that they did it on purpose.
    Swears he will never go there again.
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    Growan Well-Known Member

    Not sure you get what GWN's getting at.

    purplecouchfire New Member

    I do but end the end does it matter. Ok so lets say I am wrong and the 3 other people are wrong and they did do us right. Big waste of time creating a thread. Ok so lets say they did get intercepted. In all of your expert opinions what is going to happen? If anything? Do you have any advice?
    The REAL Boscoe

    The REAL Boscoe Member

    The one thing that's fishy to me is that they sealed it back up with regular shipping tape. I've always heard that it comes resealed with special colored customs tape?

    purplecouchfire New Member

    Yep that's a main issue. Also why would a seed company send a brochure saying "Here if you didn't know these weren't tomato seeds now you do so please intercept them. I have heard of customs opening stealth packs and still leaving the seeds alone because they didn't know they were there. Haven't you?

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    Many of the orders I've received had seed brochures in them.
    Officials only see them if they get opened by customs.

    purplecouchfire New Member

    Thank you GWN for your input. I value your info and at this point nothing it a for sure (AH HA!) That's what really happened.

    malicifice Well-Known Member

    What the hell are you talking about? There is," No signature,No official stamp, no contact info other than generic customs address no appeal process no nothing" really? Because that shit isn't on any letter from custom's. And your custom's friend is full of shit too. Custom's got your stuff plain and simple. You think that there is a seed company with old used up confiscation envelopes in a pile to mail out to stupid stoner's? I don't buy it.
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